The Airport Taxi

Airport taxi

cab company Over ten taxi operators offer services to and from the airport and Las Vegas offices. The taxi services are governed by the Nevada Taxicab Authority, an authority of the State of Nevada in charge of medallion distribution and tariffs. Certain cabs do not allow the use of bank cards. Clients should contact their companion if they are planning to use a debit to pay.

A $2.00 fee is charged on all rates emanating from the airport. Minimum number of taxi riders permitted is five (5), baby and child included. Taxis are available on the eastern side of the luggage reclaim area, in front of exit 1 - 4. The airport staff is available to help with the line queues and assist when needed.

At the western end of the terminal there are 20 taxi stops for inland travellers and 10 taxi stops on the eastern side of the terminal for travellers from abroad. Fast exits allow transport to quickly get out of the airport and airport staff are available to help if needed.

  • 704 662 0834 Reliable taxi service for airports. Obtain fares, book and pay on-line.

So why should you arrange your drive in person? Our aim is to make driving to and from the airport a cakewalk. Planning your journey a whole working day or more in advance will help us both to prepare for your successful journey. There is no need to hurry to find a drive just before you have to depart, and we can lock up a lot of your travel to or from the airport early.

Well, you got your airfare early, so while it's still on your mind, why don't you just take your cab? Airport transport is a serious matter. Our work is done by arrangement to guarantee a timely and reliable customer experience. Don't delay until the last moment to organise your airport transfer.

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