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Charter private jets, rent business jets and benefit from the jet services of selected business airlines! Learn Jet Charter - Lear Jet Charter - Leer Jet Rentals The Lear Jet was the first jet to focus on commercial jet aircraft and executives. If your organization or your individual careers reach a certain stage, A Lear Jet Rentals becomes one of the actions that can be taken to enable your organization to grow and expand. The most precious capital we have is our timing.

Lear-Jet Charters can keep this good. Dependent on your route and the places where you are traveling on business by car or even by air, it may not be possible or economic, your timetable, your convenience and even your comforts will all be sacrificed. Your business trip will be a great experience for you. Zeppelin Jet is continuing to develop new managing directors of privately chartered jets and chartered jet aircraft with exceptional detail and a historic record in the business.

A Lear jet is a well-maintained aircraft characterised by top quality and top performance, with an accent on the importance of airspeed and comforts. Our company specializes in Lear Jet charters, offering you an easiest and most pleasant way to travel. Focusing strongly on the Executive Charters business saves you valuable travel times, stays comfortably and is more effective.

Give us a call today and we can fly you a Lear-Jet-Carrier to your dream location within 3hrs. Lear -Jet company customers are most often hired or rented according to the route or number of people. Typical Lear-Jet models are the Lear35, Lear45 and the Lear60.

One of the entry-level jets, the Lear35 offers outstanding cruising ranges, speeds and is perfect for most targets. A Lear45 has 8 captain's seats, an outstanding cruising distance and a great airspeed to make sure that the plane can touch down at most FBO's or airport. Typically designed to carry 7 people, the Class 55 has a closed toilet and is more spacious than the Class 35.

Typically designed for 7-8 people, the Lear60 has a closed toilet, an outstanding cruising distance from coastline to coastline, and is the biggest of the Lear jets. Lear 85 will be released in the near term and is planned for 2014. A number of categories of intermediate to intermediate upper secondary school will be covered.

On a high cruising Mach 0.82 and a range of 3000 sea-mile. Lear85 was specifically developed to rival the Citation Winter, as well as the cab layout, velocity and range. Ideal for Roadshows and Charts.

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