Taxi fare Meter App

Taxis tariff Meter App

and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Just touch the screen to change the tariff, extras, mode or sum of the tariff. The GPS taximeter is in the iOS App Store, and how it changes over time. " Greek Taxi Meter will help you cover the cost of your taxi ride in Greece ("mainlan"). " This application is the Thai Taxi Meter fare calculator.

Taximeter. on the App Store.

Taximeter app for those who deserve to drive by using your own taximeter...! Ideal for wrecking, shuttles, limousine service or taxi driver...! Enables you to set up an infinite number of fares and bill for routes travelled or elapsed or both. Offers administration of trips extra so you can add or remove extra with a single touch.

INFINITE NUMBER OF PRICES. Every fare allows you to calculate either the mileage ( mileage ) or the kilometer ( kilometer ) or the hour. It' even possible to recharge the timer only when the velocity falls below a value that can be configured. FLEXIBLE EXTRAS. Simply predefine your options and simply append them to the journey, or append any additional amount during the journey.

At any time, you can check the travel options to delete or modify them. TAB-TARIFF OFF. Choose which rates you want to see in the rate overview and change between them at the touch of a finger. THE NUMBER OF NUMBER OF DIGITS IN THE TAXI TARIFF CAN BE CONFIGURED. Set up the tachometer so that it displays 1 or 2 digits after the comma in a taxi fare or no digits after the comma at all.

The taximeter works automaticly in the backround when the taxi ride is on. The free edition offers 5 taxi rides. When you need more taxi rides, please update. - Optionally/free wait at departure. - Enhanced Settings > Show zeroes in fare, user-defined text for "get with thanks". It is very simple to control and has far more functions than a normal measuring instrument.

Its only drawbacks I see are the fact that you can't remember over 30 phone conversations to make your deal at the end of your billing cycle to bill people. It' d be great to review all your phone records in a year or two instead of just 30. Well, you know, you can call up the travels for every single trip.

By tapping on the "Last 10" to display more rides, there is a button - "Last", "Started" and "Finished". "Begun " and "Finished" allow you to select the months to display ALL journeys begun or completed in that year. Select "Begun" or "Finished" as the months for which you want to display the tours and the app will display all tours for that year.

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