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Practical taxi app guide. Download App from the App Store Southeast Asia's leading App for Ride-Hailing, as well as the leading application for fast track deliveries and cash-free solutions. Obtain the most comfortable car and taxi reservation services from the region's biggest driver district, deliver groceries from your favorite dining establishments to meet every need, and make non-cash app and merchant transactions across the town.

Anything you need, Grab's got you under control. Grab's large range of service is available in 8 South East Asia speaking nations (services differ by city): frankly, I am very dissapointed by Grab's work. He was horribly retarded (Yes, I was waiting 20 min for my rider to come when he said he was going to be here in 6 min).

The riders take very long distances (on avarage 6-10 min driving time, almost half an hour). Driver's really fast. Driver will not notify if you share a trip with someone. You simply collect another traveller and don't even tell us who is being picked up first.

Appreciate the call from the chauffeur to apologise. Finally, stop increasing your tariffs if you misbehave in providing satisfying service. Until you correct the above situation, my wife and I will be boycotting Grab. Don't spend my valuable amount of your valuable experience asking for your input when your company's managers don't even take the trouble to find out and give me an answer.

More and more people change their position when they arrive, when they actually do not. The last out of 10 riders, there would be about 2 doing this, but now there are 8 out of 10 of them. There was a rider I saw who gave me the 8 minute wait, but the same feeling as what other riders had said was longer than the one actually given with the timings seemed to be freezing.

In addition, the chauffeur informed us that he had reached the pick-up point, although I could not see his vehicle near me on the card. There was a casualty with a severe ankle wound, standing there for about 2 min, but still no signal from the vehicle, not even on the street outside.

The driver showed up about 3-4 min after telling us that he had made it. After 5 min I always make sure that I am the one who is awaiting the driver, but what if the clock is exceeded because the driver has not shown up yet after telling us that they have reached us and we are asked to go to the place where they stop their vehicle because some of them do not see the notice for the pick-up point?

Would be great if you could contact us through the Grab App Help Centre so that we can help you deal with it.

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