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New Spectrum Business program packages announced for bar and restaurant owners. October 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ - Charter Communications, Inc. NASDAQ:CHTR today announces the expansion of its Spectrum Business TV suite and the introduction of an alliance with Samsung Electronics America, Inc. to help bar and restaurant customers of all shapes and sizes improve results with vibrant digitally signaged applications. The Spectrum Business business offers a wide range of TV packs, among them 30 sport TV stations as well as free of charge TV, home movies, entertainments, international TV and free of charge TV comps.

Sport packs offer local sport networking at a low, affordable and easily understandable cost without the expense of contract, tax and concealed charges. Benefactors can also combine the world' quickest web and most sophisticated telephony solution to satisfy the needs of companies and their clients at the best possible cost with a two-year time out.

Temporarily, customers switching to Spectrum Business can receive a 48-inch Samsung Smart Signage TV (SSTV) for $150 (retail value: $749). Featuring Full High Definition TV, a full range of video, audio, and video, this revolutionary desktop TV offers a complete bar and restaurant experience with full High Definition TV, built-in audio and video players, desk stands, desktop mount graphics, and easy-to-use business development application with over 200 customized ad masters.

"The Spectrum Business offers clients who need it most the highest level of TV, web and voice solutions," said Jonathan Hargis, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for Charter Communications. "In addition to improved Spectrum TV bundles, our arrangement with Samsung utilizes the industry-leading charter and Samsung offers to help pub and restaurant operators find added value and become more prolific.

" At Samsung Business, we offer the easy-to-use Smart Signature TV to offer a full range of products and services that help small business users better interact with their clients and raise consumer confidence in promotions and more. "Ronald Gazzola, Vice President of Marketing, Samsung Business, said, "As the world's leading provider of total document management services, we look forward to working with Spectrum Business to equip pubs and dining venues with an indispensable and cutting-edge means of communication that will help them present their business.

"We developed this software to meet the need for a cost-effective, easy-to-manage and professionally managed DSD software that enables business users to produce personalised contents that are delivered long after a client has left a company. "Spectrum Business provides full TV, web and voice for less money for small and midsize companies.

With Spectrum Business TV, with bundles as low as $19. 99, Spectrum Business Internet, with rates that start at 60Mbps for $39. 99, and Spectrum Business Voice, with unrestricted calls and over 30 free call functions that start at $29. 99, Spectrum Business TV, are available without the expense of long-term obligations, tax and concealed charges.

Companies of any size who wish to create a tailor-made service plan should contact business.spectrum.com or call 1-888-692-8635 for more information. Via Samsung Electronic America, Inc. With headquarters in Ridgefield Park, NJ, Samsung Electronic America, Inc. SEA, is a recognised innovator in the field of entertainment electronic product development and technologies. 100 % affiliate of Samsung Electronic Co., Ltd.

SEA supplies a wide variety of home entertainment electronic solutions, portable and wearable devices, cordless infrastructures, IT and home appliances. And Samsung is the US HDTV industry leading and one of America's most rapidly expanding home appliances brands. Samsung BusinessAs one of the world's leading providers of corporate citizenship and information services, Samsung Business offers a diversified suite of business solutions from smart-phones to wearable devices, tables, display devices, hospitals televisions, printer and healthcare diagnostics.

Our goal is to put the business client at the heart of our business by providing complete product, solution and service offerings for a variety of sectors ranging from retailing, health care, hotels and restaurants to educational and public-sector. The mission of our business is to help our clients deliver on the promises of a digitized enterprise. Please see samsung.com/business for more information, call 1-866-SAM-4BIZ or join us on Twitter:

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