Used Lear Jets for Sale

Second hand Lear Jets for sale

Search the inventory of used business aircraft and contact a member of the sales team to purchase, sell or trade in used private aircraft. Photo-tour through the million Learjet 85 Bombardier should be prepared to bring its latest privately owned aircraft, the Learjet 85, into the skies for the first glider by the end of 2013. However, those who can hardly await boarding the biggest, highest and broadest Learjet of all times must choose Flexjet. This fractionated privately owned aircraft manufacturer is the first client to be awarded the $20.8 million Learjet 85.

FleetJet clients can rent individual tickets, buy a "jet card" that works like a direct debit or buy a fraction of the property. 1/16 of the Learjet 85, which spent 50 flying hrs for five years for five years, costs 1.1 million dollars. The Learjet 85 was on display at a Flexjet show at the Intrepid, the aero bar turning center.

The use of composites for the hull by Bombardier allows a broader cab and larger window sizes. Cubicle is fully adjustable. The Flexjet will use a dual clutch set-up with two kits of four seating positions. There' a couple of televisions all over the cab. There'?s plenty of room for larger bags in the back of the plane.

Dashboard displays are larger and easier. The first test of the Learjet 85 is planned by Bombardier for later this year, and Flexjet should take off about a year later.

Medium cabin nozzles

Everyone who is acquainted with the personal jets sector knows Cessna's line of Citation jets: economical, powerful and convenient personal jets that set themselves apart from the game. Citation III is a personal aircraft that finds the right equilibrium between costs, power and comforts. Cessna' s corporate aircraft line, the Citations, is known for economics, dependability and throughput.

Since the introduction of the first Citation in 1972, they have consequently distinguished themselves from the rest of the world. Her big debut in the personal jets segment came with the Citation III, which won the Collier Trophy and consolidated Cessna's position as a serious competitor in the personal jets segment.

Citation VI is one of the Citation III upgrades; it is more efficient both in terms of initial costs and in terms of running costs per hour. Everyone involved in the personal jets sector knows Cessna's corporate aircraft sector, the Citation. Their design ensures that they are efficient, powerful, convenient and set themselves apart from the game.

Citation VII is the high-end part of Citation VI. Using different motors, it increases cruising speeds and take-off power. Gulfstream and Israelcraft Industries entered into a partnership in September 2002 to launch the G150. Gulfstream's multi-engine medium-range corporate jet with multi-engine turboprop meets Gulfstream's requirements for dependability and power in personal jets.

The Hawker Beechcraft 750 comes from the mid-size business plane DH.125 from 1962 de Havilland and is a lightweight to mid-size 800 type jets. Hawker 750 has more luggage compartment and a bigger cab than its forerunner, which Hawker even called the biggest cab in its category. As with the Hawker range, the aeroplane maintains the company's high levels of dependability and efficiency.

Delivery of the Hawker 750 began in 2008. Hawker 800A was the first of the -800 range, which now include the Hawker 800SP, -800XP, -800XPi and -850XP. Of course, the -800 range of personal jets are among the most sought-after in the personal jets sector and still maintain the high levels of service for which they are renowned.

Hawker 800XP is one of the most popular privately owned jets ever built by British Aerospace. It' a third edition of the 800 range and partly resembles the omnipresent Hawker 400XP. Hawker's dynasty masters the arts of evolvement. The Hawker 850XP has been developed with the latest technological enhancements and climb more quickly, goes further and delivers more than its forerunner, the 800XP.

No wonder the 850XP is the best-selling mid-size corporate diesel. It' s evolving that makes Hawker airplanes so popular. During 2006, the mid-size 850XP significantly improved power and features. The 900XP maintains all the 850 features (fuel economy, agility, comfort, power), but better.

One of the frontrunners of civil aircraft, the Learns. The Learjet has provided power and innovations to the air transport industry, beginning with the initial Lear 23 in 1963. The Lear 55, launched in 1981, combines succesful features of former Lear jets and at the same time adds some own styling changes like a bigger hull.

Despite its precursors being highly competetive, Lear mainly manufactured the 55 to compete in a booming corporate jet segment, one with larger cabins. Learjet 60 is said to have been developed for a special purpose segment - personal jets that quickly reach high cruising speed, have high cruising speed, work efficiently and are dependable.

It comes from a long line of planes designed by Bill Lear in 1963, starting with the initial Lear 23. 60XR completes the Learjet fleet of turboprop airplanes. Launched at the beginning of 2006, the newly designed helicopter is still a fierce rival in the mid-size corporate class.

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