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Opa Locka Airport is the preferred airport for people travelling to Miami, Florida on a private jet. Book your charter flights to Miami, Florida with Stratos Jet Charters and start your beach vacation with style and comfort. MIAMI JET Opa Locka International Airports is the favorite destination for those who travel to Miami, Florida on a personal jet. One of the most beloved New York jet travel destinations is Miami. You have the choice between Citation, Hawker, Lear, Falcon, Challenger, Gulfstream, Global Express, Boeing Business Jet and even Jumbo Jet.

Do not hesitate to call our customer service representatives to arrange your next jet to New York or from .

Miami Executive Airport's On-Demand Jet Charter Services allow you to leave whenever you want, with the jet you want. Arranging your Miami Executive Airport jet according to your own itinerary. There is no travel to Miami without a stop at the famous South Beach.

Join the Nikki Beaches at the Nikki Beaches Clubs in South Beaches for a real Miami evening of food and relaxation. Acqualina Resort and spa has a privately owned beachside resort with 3 swimming pool, a full-service spas and many extra amenities to keep everyone busy and satisfied. Whether your Miami jet is arriving at Miami'sOpa Locka Executive Airport or Kendall Tamiamiami Executive Airport, you can set up a limousine to wait for you.

Dexter ( 2006 ) - The first of the New York Times bestseller books that featured the number one showtime hit, Dexter. Miami's sandy shores are welcome all year round, so jump the hurricane seasons from 1 June to 30 November if you want to prevent cyclones and tropics.

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Extend your daily productivity by adding extra production times by eliminating long safety runs, lost calls and late or canceled business trips. Privatjet-Charter is the way you plan your flight, not the airline companies. You also have the option of departing or arriving from any of Miami's various airport locations, which includes, but is not restricted to, the following:

Opa-Locka Executive Airport ou Kendall-Tamiamiami Executive Airport.

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