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Book your Maxi Taxi Taxi in advance. Grounds for booking a 9-seater maxi taxi Singapore-Maxi CAB 9 Seater is another favourite means of transport and comfortably in S'pore for larger groups or families of 9 people, with its roomy seat and hood compartment for baggage, it is suited for picking up or departing 7 guests with up to 9 pieces of baggage in different dimensions (4 large and 5 cab sizes).

Perfect for large group urban transportation or chartering to Singapore and Malaysia for sightseeing every hour. Inside, the maximum 9-seater comes with an individual trim in both seat and top leathers for this look of exclusivity, but at an accessible price from just US$60 per shuttle. maxi cab 9-seater's seat arrangement is very roomy and absolutely convenient, as it is equipped with soft toys and even has plenty of legroom for large and large people.

Clients who go for a gulf meeting with boyfriends or relatives will love this larger size model of the MP 7-seater as it could all go together with their 7 gulf pockets. Good value for your money, as you would have to reserve two 7-seaters, which would almost be twice the fare.

MAXICOABooking SG offers a broad palette of 9-seater maxi cab service for our clients, such as airport service for arrivals and departures, point-to-point city transfer to touristic destinations and wheelchair transfer for doctor's visits. Maxi 9-seater cabin is also available for bookings every hour and charter trips every day, but call us for our special prices every month.

We offer a wide range of services, including sightseeing tours, meeting and location tours in Singapore, as well as our own package to Malaysia. Don't be afraid, our chauffeurs are very experienced and have a lot of road safety knowledge in Singapore and Malaysia. Maxi 9-seater taxis are the most loved and are often used by our clients for 2-way transfer to Legoland Malaysia, as they have a roomy cabin that can accommodate 9 people in comfort.

The Maxi CAB 9 seat reservations are designed for all other purposes and transport needs such as corporate functions, marriages, city tours, bike and wheelchair transport and even for transporting large objects. MAXICOABooking SG also offers tours to other Malaysian tourist sites and locations, including Hello Kitty Land, KSL, Desaru, Malacca, Penang and Kuala Lumpur.

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