Airliners for Sale

Aircrafts for sale

The Airliner boneyard operations related to storage, scrapping, salvage, dismantling, parts recovery and recycling. 1:500 scale diecast commercial aircraft for sale Herpa Wings manufactured this exclusive Silk Air product. It was never exhibited except when it was removed for photographing. It is a diecast modell. 1:500 Herpa TUI B757-200, die casting airplane.

Airplane model: Air carrier ? TNT Airways. A great gift for airlines, pensioners and fans of air travel of all age groups.

Sell by style. 3-D paper replica. Modelsticker & Stickers. HERPAP WINGS Qantas Boeing 737-800 "2013 Lions Tour" 1:500. 516792 Hepa. In this new kit you will find all the necessary equipment for an independent aerodrome view. Twelve 1:500 scaled models are parked on the ramp. It'?s from Heapah.

Initially designed as a short, less expensive twin-engine aircraft deriving from the Boeing 707 and 727, the 737 has evolved into a series of nine aircraft with a seating capability of 85 to 215 people. A rare model: FYI, a very uncommon Lysia airplane. A rare model: 1:500 JC Wings Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-800.

A rare model: 4 Herpa Wings pre-production sample in 1:500 size lacquered and in genuine packaging. Specimens are released for release before the pattern is released for manufacturing. 500 Herpa Wings (500852). Singapore-- 1:500 NG. 1:500 or 1:300 graduation. - The Boeing 747-100 (JA8101) 1:500. - DC-8 (YES8009) 1:500. Producer: Herpa Wings NG.

Nearly all Herpa aircraft on a scale of 1:500 have been re-designed as new generation aircraft. Highest demands on designs and manufacturing techniques make every individual modell a coveted collector's piece. Die-cast aircraft pattern. Collective adult version Not suitable for under 14s. The Herpa Wings Club 1:500 Antonov AN-225 "Aviasvit XXI 2008".

Modell: Modell: and Herpa Wings NG (506960-001). Modell: The Asiana Airlines. The Herpa Wings NG (523660). 1:500 Starjets Condor B727-100, die-cast aircraft. The Herpa Wings NG(573741). Producer: Herpa Wings NG. Boeing 747-100 1:500. Modell: Hello Herpa Wings NG (507967). 1:500 Herpa Belavia TU-154M, pressure casting airplane. Length of model: 8. 50 cm, wingspan: 7. 50 cm.

HERPA Wings. Genuine airplane models! 1:500. Diecast. NG II Herpa Wings(507875). 2009 CLUB MOTOR. 1:500. Hongkong Airlines. 1:500 Starjets Lufthansa B727-100, die-cast aircraft. You' re gonna buy one. Rare Herpa Wings 1:500 500 500678. New and in good shape in cardboard carton. HERPA NEW WINGS 501064 TURKISH AIRBUS A310-300 DALAMAN 1:500 W/REG. AIRBUS TURKISH AIRLINES

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