Minicab Licence London

Mini Cab License London

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Do you think you could stand the test of Minicab riders? London

Project for London has been defending the kind of question that is asked to test the knowledge of Minicab riders in this area. Unless they can show that they have a qualifying level in British CSE, all rental riders must take the test at £180. However, specimen paper shows issues of fitness, water pollutions and even Mars living.

Talking to the Sunday Times, Minicab rider Hasan Yasar said: If I' m doing a personal thing, how am I supposed to know about Mars? However, Transport for London has put aside the critique that it was developed to test how well riders can interact. In October 2016, we launched an official British version of the requirements for professional truckers.

For the sake of security, it is vital that all authorised chauffeurs are able to speak English at an appropriate standard. The driver must be able to interact with the passenger to talk about a journey or price, and to read, understand and respond to important information about regulations, security and touring. Below are some example issues.

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