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Helicopter Ppl

Once you have acquired a PPL(H) licence, you can operate a helicopter safely and efficiently for non-commercial flights in accordance with the Visual Flight Rules (VFR). Please click here to see our license costs for helicopters and the training costs for helicopters. PPL(A) and PPL(H) - Private pilot's licence for aircraft or helicopter

Each of our students who begin this course has the option to receive a subsidised Electronics Fly Bag - iPad min 4G + WiFi. First and foremost, the bag is used for learning, since the material is transferred to the student's iPad without wires, and as an assistant in flying instruction, using maps, POHs, etc.

At least 30 lessons are required to complete the course, which comprises two phases. Session 2 - Preparing for flying theory: Helicopters specifically: Steer the helicopter through an exterior optical ref. Fly laterally and backwards and turn on the spot. Now. Operations only with the essential flying instrumentation inclusive of 180 degree finishing on the horizontal and levelling of abnormal settings to simulation of unintentional intrusion into the sky (this course may be carried out by a flying instructor FI (H)).

PPL (A)] with instructor: flying training[for PPL(A)] solo: Upon completion of the flying course, the student must have the flying skills the CAA authority requires, 45 full hour in the aircraft (PPL(A))/helicopter (PPL(H)): A minimum of 15 controlled exclusive flying time hours, comprising a minimum of 5 isolated off-roader flying times of at least one off-roader of at least 270 km (150 NM) with two point landings off two airfields different from the point of origin.

Nine subject areas are tested (meteorology, navigation, communication, general knowledge of aircraft, principles of flying, air law, air traffic management and management, human resources and restrictions, operating procedures). The PPL (A)/(H) theory test must be successfully completed at the ATO within 12 month of completing soil education at the ATO.

An aptitude test is conducted in the air with the authorised SAA assessor and can be taken at the SAA upon passing the final examinations. PPL (A)/(H) can be acquired within a timeframe of one months, subject to the students' ability to attend theory and practice courses.

A dedicated flight trainer will accompany you through the entire lifecycle and provide answers to your queries. Trainings costs cover the following points and services: During your apprenticeship, you have the possibility to retrofit for another airplane model. The following is the differential of the course charge, which is calculated in addition to the regular one.

Included in the charge are all necessary PPL spending equipment (all FI flying courses, soil theory courses, helicopter rental). Course tuition covers the following points and services:

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