Srilankan Airlines London

Sri Lankan Airlines London

Below you will find the details of SriLankan Airlines customer service in the UK, including telephone and address. #SriLankan #SriLanka. CeLankan Airlines City London Offices, United Kingdom London City Address: One Lampton Road, Hounslow TW3 1JB. SriLankan Airlines City Offices phone numbers: SriLankan Airlines luggage service phone numbers: Check out SriLankan Airlines Hand luggage, hold luggage, hold luggage, overweight luggage fees, overweight luggage fees, oversize luggage fees in the above links.

SILLANKAN Airlines Customer Service / Call Center Number: London attractions: Enquiries processed by SriLankan Airlines Customer Service: Has there been a problem/complaint when contacting the SriLankan Airlines London City address or telephone number?

Lankan Airlines London Office

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Nice Flight from London to Colombo - Review of SriLankan Airlines

Tickets were cheap in comparison to other providers and are the only non-stop connection between London and Sri Lanka. I had a free driver in London (outbound and inbound) which was a great benefit and worked well. Heathrow' s check-in personnel were not particularly catchy and kind. Well, I think Sri Lanka is using an operative at Heathrow.

A quick safety check was carried out as well as a guest invite for the BA Galleries Lounges in T3. Sri Lankan Businesspassengers are allowed to use any One Worlds Businesspar class lounges at Heathrow, so I used the Cathay Pacific lounges, which is more beautiful. My feeling was that the staff were much more friendly than the crews on the floor at Heathrow (and Colombo) and I would say the crews are one of the big sales arguments for Sri Lanka.

Like Qatar' Airways' reversible fishbone pattern, that' seating is convenient and provides a sense of intimacy. It didn't seem like there were as many stowage areas around the seats as with Qatar Airlines. They could have stopped by a few time during the trip to provide beverages, but they responded quickly to phone and refill enquiries, etc. The passengers were very happy with the service.

A similar tale about the return trip, the crews on board were great, the floor crews too. Serbia's Economy Line in Colombo is shabby and very lively.

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