Pco Licence Renewal

Extension of the Pco license

Driving licence renewal; reporting of lost, stolen or damaged licence parts; transfer of private rental car licences; private landlords. Processing PCO license renewals can take many weeks.

Don't let it be too late, otherwise your license will expire and you won't be able to work anymore.

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In order to guarantee a timely renewal of your license, we now provide you with all your request documents four month prior to the expiration date. You are also advised to sign up for the DBS Update Services to avoid further delay in the future: subscription holders of this services do not need to request new disclosures when extending their license, eliminating the possibility of delay in handling requests.

For more information about the DBS Update Service, please visit our License Information page. It will appear on your updated cab or personal rental driver's license. It is recommended that you submit your renewal request via our new on-line feature. Please refer to the renewal package sent to you for registration information for an individual bankroll.

With the new on-line procedure, it is faster and simpler to obtain both new and renewed driving licenses. In order to work, you must always have your identity card, your driving licence and, as a cabbie, your identification with you. Should these be discarded, damaged or stole, you must notify us immediately.

When part of your license is taken, you must also notify the criminal investigation department who will give you a number. Call us at 0343 222 4444 (TfL charges) to apply for a refund if one of your license parts has been misappropriated (crime number must be provided), missing or corrupted.

Notice that the charge for a spare taxicab (black cab) is 15 pounds each. We' ll upgrade your licenses with your new tag number, and your spare ID and new license parts will be mailed to you. Send back your license parts after receiving your spare part.

Earlier license parts can be transferred: When you purchase a car that has been licenced by us as a privately owned rental car and you do not use it for this rental OR when you sell a TfL-licensed privately owned rental car that is no longer used for privately owned rental needs, you must surrender to us the license plates on the front and back windows and the hardcopy registration document.

The license diskettes and the hard copy license must be returned to this address: Please check our website for current landlords. In order to obtain an additional license, all taxi and personal rental cars that are more than 12 month old (from the date of manufacture) must undergo two TÜV inspections per year.

First TÜV certification must be obtained no later than 14 calendar days before the date of the approval test. A second TÜV must be obtained six month after the approval has been granted. It is your responsability to make sure that the car you are riding is up to date. Operating the motor while your car is at a standstill is harmful to the enviroment and unlawful on highways.

If you keep the car's motor idle, it can generate almost twice as much fumes as while driving. It' s against the law to keep the motor stopped, and you could also run the risk of a speeding ticket under the Road Traffic (Vehicle Emissions) (Fixed Penalty) (Fixed Penalty) (England) Regulations 2002.

It'?s not against the law to have an idle motor if you are: Meet our regulatory requirements by providing regular advice to idle taxis and car rental owners to turn their engines on and off. Constant use of a car with a space-saving bicycle may result in the car coming into contact with the construction and use instructions.

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