Most Expensive Private Jets in the World inside

The most expensive private jets in the world inside

Inside the plane, there are two bedrooms. The world's most expensive air ticket is being sold with the kind permission of Etihad. Take a look at some of the world's most expensive private jets

The private aircraft offers those who can easily manage it liberty, luxurious service and incredible convenience - far beyond the world of airfield checks and tight economic seating. The flight paths of the highest quality privately owned aircraft and the high standards they strive for are recorded. The " sky boat " has the largest length of all airplanes ever constructed and certainly uses its roomy cabin.

Unidentified owners, but inside there are enormous bedroom, meeting rooms, lounge, office and a large lobby with an ascending stairway. This slim plane, which even excludes Putin's private plane, belongs to none other than Russia's richest man, the millionaire Alisher Usamanov. Although it was the world' s biggest commercial aircraft, this giant Airbus fitted perfectly with the Saudian Alwaleed bin Talal, who was the most equipped for a car park, lift, concerts and personalized bathrooms in Turkey.

Trump' was purchased by the US president in 2011 by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. The Rolls-Royce RB211 turboprop RB211 gives this aircraft brutal performance and is notorious among drivers for its hard-to-handle performance - and is undoubtedly getting its owners ready for the tumultuous days in America.

On board the largest and most luxury private jets in the world.

Now the world has taken a look at the biggest and most luxury private plane that has turned out to be a "flying penthouse". However, this was turned into a 40-person private plane and is so well fitted out that it looks like a floating motel. This unique Boeing Business Jets (BBJ), designed by Kestrel Aviation Management, was also known as the dreamplane.

For the fortunate few who are asked to go on the plane, the flying adventure is years away from what is on offer on a Boeing plane. Pierrejean Designs, the specialist for yachts and aircrafts, was involved in the development of the interior. Travellers can operate the lights, TV monitors, shutters and venetian shutters, and call the cabin crew's attentions with trays.

Engineers were very interested in the airplane stimulating passengers' sense. In addition, they provided for odor and flavor in the dispersion of fresh gases and filtering of the airplane, used smooth, luxury texts and banned hard edged surfaces. Launched last year at the European Business Aviation Convention and exhibition in Geneva, the latest version of the commercial airliner, which has been in progress since 2009, was purchased by an unknown customer in Asia.

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