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Taxi ride

A screen with a payment request is displayed after the trip. fares 18/- per kilometre (pick-up point to destination) - 6.00 to 20.00 hrs. 4-hour -Rs.

1200/- (+200/- if continued after 22 o'clock). 1400/- ( +200/- if continued after 22 o'clock)( Hajo, Chaygaon, Rangia, Sonapur, Byrnihat, Baihata 4ali). 1400/- (+200/- if continued after 22 o'clock).

Rs.2200/- (+200/- if continued after 22 o'clock).

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Clients who use the taxi application mystaxi as a new service now pay a price of 6 ?.

CLIENTS have added the Dublin taxi application mystaxi as a new feature, which means that you will now pay a ?6 ticket price - before the vehicle even drives if you have called a taxi on your mobile number. However, the airline has now informed riders that they cannot take a rebate on the 2 euros reservation charge. According to the apartment, which switched owners in the previous season from Hailo to Hailo and switched to Hailo's own taxi, this action will start on Thursday 21 September and can be added to any telephone or telephone reservation.

If you take a taxi during off-peak hours, the price begins at 3.60, which means you begin at 5.60 with this surcharge. Tariffs begin at 4 at rush hours, which means you will pay 6 ? in the app: "The ?2 reservation levy is an established professional levy levied by all taxi companies in Ireland.

"In the past, we have asked mystaxi riders to rebate this rate for our clients. "From Thursday, September 21, 2017, we will no longer require taxi operators to rebate the 2 Euro reservation rate in order to comply with taxi sector standard. "Â "Â"@mytaxi_ie to add insults to violations, include a reservation cost to their services.

"The point of the conversation with the driver is not to be precise enough and to assign orders to vehicles that are far away. It' coming after the introduction by mystaxi of a customer deals where they can get free rates on Saturdays until the end of October. Travellers who travel during this time do not require a promotion key and the rebate applies when paying with their ticket.

Irish mystaxi chief Tim Arnold said the company is "pushing hard" to increase its capacity after completing the Hailo change by providing incentive and bonus payments to riders - he confirmed it was tough to get cabs in Dublin at busy periods. "There are fewer taxi riders in Ireland today than ever before in the last 10 years - and last year three riders withdrew from the sector for every new rider who passes the entrance examination.

"This means it can be hard to get a taxi at busy hours, from 7pm to 9pm on a Saturday which is the busy time of the day for Irish cabs.

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