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SCYCAB An imaginative kite will lift you up into the skies and offer a stunning sight of our legendary Performance Lake before softly placing you in a courtyard greeted by a member of our gifted receptionists. An especially developed audiosystem shows the breath-taking views, from the Performance Lake with its dance water to the Cotai area. Skyscrapers Customer Care, Complaints and Ratings Since I am a very faithful client and have been a patron for so long, I was shocked by the hiring of your receptionist, who recited the same phrase over and over again, although I said that no prior notice had been given and the chauffeur had not been reached until 7am.

I used to get the hint a long time in front of me, and even the rider has to tell me his location and get instructions..... At 4.30 am on 18.03.8 I book a taxicab from Hydroabad International Park to the city of Alaska. Drivers weren't willing to pay the bill. He had given the same after a conversation. At the aerodrome it was advertisement as metre rate, but in this taxicab there is no metre at all.

when he got out of the taxi. Mr. Dear, I have been a frequent traveller for several years with your valued Skycabs, Hyderabad. Recently I traveled from hastinapuram [registered user] to and from the nearest airports in the city of Sydney. Last night I chartered a taxi from hyderabad airfield to ramananthapur.

However, the taxi drove to stop me in the midst of the track and told me to get you to achieve my abomination. Preservation with the taxi drivers as follows: 1 ) I asked the rider to track my normal itinerary but he refused, 2) mumbled that the area of target drops (Ramanthapur where I stay) is worse to lose his squandering amount of too.

3 ) I asked him to track my itinerary after some getting used to it, but he was very hard and disappointed. Me taxi nr. Ts07 ua 4909 on 27.12.2017, for hydraulic airports from Metuguda the drivers with indication of gst*, more than ticket price I payed more than 1000/ros, he took cash without giving exchange disappeared when it was put under client services, they neglected to meet our needs after they called more than six of the time.

6 Dec 2017 I made a trip from the aerodrome to the third stage with km/h. Drivers were so impolite to us. It is a certain amount that no taxi drivers or taxi services require. Twenty-four rupees inclusive of tax, but the rider charged 1200. 1320 due to the fact that the cardholder did not take the credit cards.

Said he couldn't give the bill at the moment due to networking problems and took my e-mail ID. Try to offer a good level of customer care to new branch office clients in town. Unless I get a reasonable answer from you, I will be writing to the airports authorities of Hyderabad..... whatever you want.

Skyscrapers - the taxi kept turning around. Phone call back to heaven taxi note chauffeur will be another 10 minutes. There'?s no signal, then the rider calls at 6:00. and argued to us about the position he was in at the wrong hour when he called as driver's license number:[protected].

And since the rider didn't switch on, the days with the coach were over. Tell the chauffeur not to tell a liar he's on his way. So I get my own RSS700 when I ride other taxis, but it's protected every times I ride skycabs. Flying from bangalore to hydroabad, I took a sky cab from hydroabadport.

Drivers stop at the stop named Lavadikapool and explain that there is no gas. There was no need for him to call his call center to call an alternate taxi.... Once he halted it, he immediately..... Mr. Dear Lord, today I book a taxi from the airports to Mijapur directly from your dock.

My pullover was abandoned in my skin cab no. Ts 09 ua i2369. You have not entered an alternative number or e-mail ID on your website to call them or ask the rider to give my pullover back. It will be appreciated if this can be forwarded to the chauffeur.......

The taxi I picked up [protected] and I travelled to Rogia International Airfield, but the chauffeur could not present the voucher for the amount I payed in money and he told me that I would receive the voucher by e-mail. I' m not happy with your work. Please return the bill /receipt for my reservation number.

Skycabs - no satellite navigation available in the cabin and I was forced to foot the mileage. In the first place they sent a point cabin that has no global positioning system and the pilots have no information about the area due to all these disadvantages that we have missed and additional amount as well as valuable amount of valuable working hours and reaching our goal later.

It was noticed by a visitor at the airfield. Immediately the taxi took off in 5 minutes, the chauffeur asked me where to find us. Board the Skyscraper today at about 19:15 at the airfield and take a drip to the SMR Vinay Fountainhead, Hydernagar. When I got in, the rider said I needed a voucher. Once I got down, he tried to get a voucher, but we didn't get a voucher.

Took my email ID and said that he will be sending a voucher to If I don't get a bill, my firm won't refund it. Please therefore forward the voucher to me. This evening I had made a drive from Hyderabad airport to road number 12, Banjara Mountains (01 February at 23:35).

There was no acknowledgement given to me after I asked the rider to write tales about his call, the connection to someone he was trying to get to about his engine issue and all is broken. Finally I had to give him 1100 cents without a bill. Zero r from £ingampally to £ingampally International Park, but the rider asked for 850.

As asked for printing bill drivers asked for e-mail ID, but nothing was sent to me afterwards, so I sent from skycabs website for account, the results to above number as fee. The page showed me rs/- 200 in one direction, but then 1 hours before the planned date they phoned to say that it would be rs/- 350 for me.

As I had no spare moment to change my reservation with another supplier, I asked only to reverse my journey back. Received a notice of withdrawal only for the chargeback. Even after the planned period I had not listened to them and so I called to ask them why and they told me....

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