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The Eagle East Aviation

North Andover, MA. Be careful with Eagle East and owner Tim Campbell. Since 1990, Eagle East has served New England's aviation needs, providing some of the most competitively priced air travel education, hangar support, aviation service and aviation fuelservices.

Since 1990, Eagle East has served New England's aviation needs, providing some of the most competitively priced air travel education, storage, aircraft servicing and aviation fuelservices. Eagle East, in conjunction with on-site assistance, will ensure that every pilots is fully staffed for a secure and comfortable journey and that every trainee pilots will receive the assistance they need to achieve their goals in a manner appropriate to them.

At Eagle East, we are proud to be a partner of Lawrence Airmotive, with 60 years of flying history. The Eagle East offers everything you need to get in the sky and take off for a great ride. Aviation fuels are available locally at favourable conditions.

Flying school in the spotlight: The Eagle East Aviation

During the first few day there were some hostilities between the airfield and the Campbell area. "Our main source was the fact that our own and run business is on the other side of the Danube, not the place where we reside, work and tax," Campbell said. In 1983, after his boyfriend, Marine Cpl. Sean R. Gallagher, was murdered in the Beirut Bombings, Campbell got an initial notion.

It was the beginning of new and better relationships with the non-flying general in the fellowship, Campbell said. Football pitch was only the beginning of several joint ventures. It was a $12,000 collection that night and we now have a nice Vietnam monument at the heart of our home high school," Campbell said.

It' s simpler than ever to tell a story and get a crowd together with your pocket full of socially relevant information and camera. In our Facebookusiness page we are playing a little bit of a wild card called " Where's Waldo?" We just publish a picture or a little bit of videos with a look from the dashboard and let everybody know where we are.

It' s great to work and it motivates the guys on our site," Campbell said. Cambell also formed a Facebook group named "North Andover Through The Lens" to help educate folks to post pictures of the comunity. "Most of my photographs are, of course, taken in the skies, which has led to many conversations with the non-flying population.

City guides even asked me for approval to use my air photographs on their website," Campbell said. "We' ve also designed some nice mural paintings for the redesigned townhall. This has all led to enormous benevolence on the part of citizens and city-dwellers. Everyone wins," Campbell said. Cambell said he particularly enjoyed postings of visiting flying college aumni.

"We' ve done a great many flights in 28 years. Since former pupils and teachers fly all over the globe, we never know who will go through the front doors. It' always great to see them and learn what they do, so yes, I posted that too," Campbell said.

When you think of your own situation, think of a fly fundraising campaign that could help finance good will promoting and bringing together good citizens in your area. Have a look at the pictures featured in this review on my website. Find out more about Eagle East Aviation on the Eagle East Aviation website and join them on their Facebook page.

Since 1997 Jim Pitman has been a flying teacher. A Part 141 CFC, Cessna Pilot Center Regional Executive and Arizona CFC of the Year Trainer et Instructeur de vol de l'année. Currently he is flying the Canadair Red Cross for a US airline and runs his own airline trainingshop.

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