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Call us and check back often for the latest specials to save on your next jet charter. Here's a disposable private jet can - almost - go straightstream - Quartz Things that look like an Armani-clad pair have abandoned their pearly-white Mercedes Benz GL-Class and boarded their private jet. Sergey Petrossov, the 26-year-old designer of the market place application, says he wants to give everyone a foretaste of the (private) jet world. While JetSmarter provides the standard on-demand charters, it also incorporates empty-haul services into its system, unlike the traditional commercial models.

to or from a customer reservation.) This means that air travel can get a whole bunch less expensive. Peter Petrossov noted that airlines will take everything they can get for their idle trips. "Whether I give them $100 or whatever, they're gonna pilot this jet," Petrossov said to Quartz.

Vacant legs generally are between $1200 and $3000 for the whole jet, which can lead to about $215 per lower end passenger. Often the prices are lower than a one-way first or first-class business jet - a private jet purchased via the London to Paris application is for example lower than a British Airways or Eurostar VIP jet - and almost always lower than daily jet charters.

Offers may be even better for members who can get free or $1 free flight for an annuity of $6,999. eMoney Advisor CEO Mike Zebrowski said Quartz was a member of eMoney Advisor who spent a dollar on an empty-leg journey from Miami to Key West, Florida, and his boyfriends spent $17 each.

Everyone else can access the application free of charge for downloading and anyone who signs up can make a reservation for a charters or empty flights. The use of empty feet to be able to offer less expensive alternative products is not only possible with JetSmarter. Enterprises such as PrivateFly and JetSuite also make idle offers. However, PrivateFly's vacancy business is relatively scarce.

"It'?s not our focus," said Adam Twidell, chief executive officer, to Quartz. PrivateFly, which made its maiden voyage in 2007, has an average of around 200 reservations per year. A major incentive for private planes is that they are agile, and empty feet only come when someone else has flew the jet.

Enterprises like Blackjet, which was supported by Uber among others, concentrated on empty-legged flight, but finally refuelled after losing 200,000 dollars a week. However, the price of blackjet was still high. BlackJet's chief executive officer Quartz said the firm was successful after being restructured. "A JetSmarter spokesman said to Quartz, BlackJet sold tickets on their jets." "And JetSmarter offers a full range of jet sales and service from A to Z."

While JetSmarter allows travellers to order and reserve a private jet from their smartphones with the same convenience as Uber to make a trip, Petrossov is not concerned that it will face similar regulation obstacles to carpooling because, unlike Uber, every jet already works under a businesslicence.

JetSmarter has an average of about 10 daily transactions per person in comparison to 5 last months, and it has passed 300,000 visits, Petrossov said, with the main non-U.S. destinations being the Middle East, Europe and Latin America in that order. It may be small, but Petrossov isn't anxious.

WINGX Advance, a news service for the airline sector, reports that the airline sector's chart has grown despite the stagnation of the private jet sector in the US last year, which included small fraction and full commercial airlines such as Berkshire Hathaways NetJets, and a decline of almost 4% in Europe.

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