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The Hero Electric A2B would be launched in India around August 2020 at the estimated price of Rs 35000. A2B Automotive Audio BusĀ® Digital Audio Bus Technology Mastering today's automobile engineering challenge often begins with what you take out. Major automakers turned to ADI to develop a wireless sensor that could provide multi-array capabilities in cars for various uses such as speech detection, passive sound reduction and vehicle communication. Old-fashioned deployments of high quality automobile sound require a large amount of costly, heavier wiring.

Any A2B transceiver can distribute sound and timing information, as well as timing and current, over a unique, unscreened, low-cost cable using twin pairs. A2B can also provide electricity to other equipment in the lower link system, making the need for on-site electricity superfluous and further lowering overall system costs.

Better, more environmentally friendly and more vibrant automobile experiences. It is currently located on a motorway near you, as the first A2B-enabled sound system is already on the market. "A2B has proved to be a straightforward and cost-effective means of connecting digitally available voice and data with the scale that allows HARMAN to offer a wide variety of sophisticated solutions across a variety of car platform environments.

With the AD2428 series, we offer a smooth and rapid time-to-market upgrades to our current A2B automotive voice solutions". - Darby Hadley, VP Global Engineering, SBU for HARMAN Lifestyle Audiovisual Division.


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