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Fast-track Call Taxi's top competitors are Ola, Uber and Grab Group. DeepL access cabin, Dindigul. DeepL access taxi production: Spaark Media Entertainment. Latest tweets from Fast Track Call Taxi (@FastTrackTaxi): #LKS" Fasttrack is a smartphone-based booking and scheduling platform for the Indian taxi industry.

Fast-track Call Taxi (@FastTrackTaxi)

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Get a Taxi in Chennai - Chennai (Madras) Forum

I was in Chennai recently and ordered a call taxi from FAST TRACK for an airfield lowering. The taxi services were lousy. The car never came. Drivers turned off their cell phones. Call center guys gave all the deceptive information. After I waited 45 minutes and was exhausted all the pillow duty I was holding, I arrived at the airfield just to get on the plane that pays through my nostrils for the in-car.

Do not order a Ruftaxi from them, especially not for time-critical incidents. It was fantastic when Fast Track came on the market, but in recent years they've gotten even tougher. On behalf of the expansion of their networks, they have recruited anyone who has their own cars, and they can earn their Fast Track comission.

Exactly like freeancing... I had a few telephone numbers from Call Taxi Driver and call them directly, it works quicker and more cheap. It doesn't matter to the riders either, as most of them aren't Fast Track staff and if there is a call from FAST TRACK they just don't respond because a client is already there. You're right, but it works if you know the rider's telephone number. It's possible if you're local. In my case I was from bangalore. I'm travelling under the Fast Track brand name.

The Fast Track always comes in very handy. I am a Chennai type, but have been working abroad for 8 years...Whenever I arrive in Chennai or arrive within Chennai, Fast Track is my first choice...they are good and secure, although they are a bit more expensive than on a higher side...according to the different views, what we find is that they do not have constancy in terms of what they do...because airfield drop-outs are very important.

Later they never answered my complaints... when I phoned them, they would say they would call back in half an hour... that happened three time... when I began to raise my voices and threatens with negative consequences, they put me in touch with the executive.

and asked me to call him in the future if things like this happened. Good services companies will admit the error, apologize and if possible indemnify as much as possible. You' re hitting the nail on the head, and that's what I'm trying to say: Fast Track Management is really unprofessional and consistent.

Yes, I have almost 10, than through Fast Track, in this way the riders don't charge any fee to Fast Track, and that doesn't bother me. I always use the taxis from the airports, the rates are almost the same. I always fly early in the mornings at 0400 am, because I don't want to bother my mum and dad, I get out of the house much sooner at 0100 am...If I call Fast-Track the night before at 2100 pm, the taxi is waiting at my doorstep at 1200 am midnight...I sense that this is perfectly.

Taxi to my office (black/yellow cars) is a poor choice, poor vehicle and poorest services. Almost tracks are 100x better than these stubborn people.

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