Premier Taxi Contact number

Prime Taxi Contact Number

The Sydney taxi service, Maxi Cab, airport taxis, prestige taxis and more. He asked another prime minister driver if he would contact the office to find out where our taxi was and was asked if "I have an F*******g phone". The Premier Cabs offers high quality taxi services throughout Blacktown and the Sydney region. Contact Premier Taxis or request a quote.

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Proud to have the most experienced rental driver with a vehicle pool of over 250 cars. Cardiff and the nearby areas are served with our own office in the capitol and Bridgend. At BTEC Level 2 - "The introduction to the Role of The professional Taxi & privateire driver" To become a Cardiff Taxi Driver, you need to do this:

The Premier holds information events every Thursday at 12:30 p.m. at the below listed offices: Ely, Cardiff, CF5 Fourab oule, CF5 Fourabourbourbourbourbourbourbourbourbourbourbourbourbourbourbourbourbourbourbourbourbourbourbourbourbourbourbourbe. Call our driver recruiting hotline on 02920 565661 (option 1 for drivers) to make a reservation.

Cardiff Premier Taxis - Taxi Service - Cardiff - 33 Reviews - 611 photos

That taxi "service" has almost wrecked the beginning of our vacation. Unfortunately we took a bus from Sophia Gardens to Heathrow Airport and selected Premier Taxis to take us to the bus stat...ion. In spite of the timely reservation of the taxi we arrived just in time. Thank you for your interest. If we' d just passed the bus, it would have been very costly.

That cab we were booking from our place didn't show up. As I was on the phone, a taped note told me that it would be arriving in three mins. 5 mins later and no cab. So I called again and got the same taped note. Still it didn't show up and I finally got through to a person who said he would be arriving in eight mins.

Couldn't have waited that long and ordered a taxi from another firm. In the end, the Premier taxi came just before the other and we made the error of using the former, as the rider didn't seem to know the fastest way to the terminal, which opted for an overloaded stretch without a special taxi/bus track.

Finally, when we arrived at the bus terminal just in Time, he had the nerve to count on full payment! Since the taxi arrived so late, it seems that another ticket price was taken before our reservation. I don't know if the taxi business or the chauffeur was to blame.

Unnecessary to say, we will never use Premier cabs again. It is a wake-up call to anyone considering buying a Premier taxi you can't rely on. A few moments ago I called the automatic messaging system and when no taxi came I called the central switch just to find out that "there are no cabs in the area" - a little harsh... to believe as I am living in the center of Cardiff.

I was asked how long it would actually take for a taxi to arrive: "I don't know - no cabs in the area." Five moments later a kind, smiley, and all around nice fellow immediately telephoned to come and fetch me. He asked another prime minister rider if he would contact the bureau to find out where our taxi was and was asked if "I have an F*******g phone".

53 o'clock this morning the taxi shuttle ignored the flashing glow of the sun and drove on as me and my little girl crossed the street on a man in the street. Please contact me for a camera film. Prime Taxis: "Possibly the most secure cabs in Cardiff." I' ve been using Premier for 15 years. I use PREMIER AXIS, which I have always got, when I go to Cardiff, the level of support is unsurpassed, they are very competetive and they are the best.

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