Premier Taxi Booking

First class taxi reservation

Tracking your taxi with GPS. With the app you can book and track your taxi in real time and cancel bookings. Select Premier Cabs for a taxi in Blackpool, Lytham and St. Annes. You can book and track your taxi and do so much more than ever before!

This application allows you to book in advance to give you security.

First-class taxis

55 per transaction, no midsummer night fee. Booking made with JustGrab on the Grab ride-hailing tool is valid from 23 March 2017. Fix price is determined at the moment of booking. 15-20 km, $20.00 ERP fee extra: the passenger must pay the ERP fee shown on the top of the vehicle unit screen.

ERP fee is subtracted each times the taxi crosses the ERP portal during business hours.

Premium Cabins

Faster booking! Journey in Sydney, in style, for the price of a normal taxi - make your reservation now! Faster booking! Journey in Sydney, in style, for the price of a normal taxi - make your reservation now! The Sydney Premier Cabs Greater Area service aims to be the quick and easy way to make a taxi reservation in Sydney.

Take the luxurious Prestige Cab sedan taxi hire business to Sydney in a stylish way at a cost no higher than that of a normal taxi. We are Sydney's top of the line taxi services with child carriers and child carriages. Our door-to-door taxi services are available in Sydney and throughout the Sydney metropolitan region.

Regular Taxis (Color: Silver)

Premium Taxis Pte Ltd (Silvercab Taxi) is a whollyowned subsidiary of Premier Rent A Car Pte Ltd, a premier locally based auto hire and lease group. The Premier Taxis was founded in May 2003 and received its taxi operating licence in October 2003. You were one of three new taxi operators to receive a taxi operating licence following the government's announcements to liberalise the Singapore taxi business.

The Premier Taxi Company runs a taxi pool under the name Silvercab. The Premier Taxi company is continually expanding its fleets to enhance our cover and better meet the needs of taxi commuteers. The Premier Taxi is always looking for ways to innovate in order to increase the standard of transport services in Singapore and enhance the standard of services for its customers.

At Premier Taxis, we strive to provide our clients with the highest standards of taxi services by working in close collaboration with our chauffeurs, who are our partner in providing our taxi services, and with our key business associates to increase our efficiency. Achieve the highest tariff turnover per rider in the sector. Working with our tenants to provide a high level of client support.

Working with our strategy partner to increase efficiency and reduce operational costs. For our stockholders to achieve a higher ROI than the sector as a whole. Access Security: Successful phone conversations only took about three and a half moments for the user to acknowledge a cabin.

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