Little Jet Plane

Small jet aircraft

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"The " Big Jet Plane " is a track composed by Angus Stone, an Australia singer/songwriter, and initially featured on Stone's 2009 Smoking Gun record under the name " Lady of the Sunshine ". Stone and his sibling Julia Stone re-recorded it as the Angus & Julia Stone duet and put it on their 2010 Down the Way,[1][2][3][3] and 2010 Big Jet Plane EPs.

"At the ARIA Music Awards 2010, Big Jet Plane" was voted Single of the Year 2010 by the Australian Recording Industry Association, while Down the Way was voted Album of the Year. It was played on both Nova 100 and Triple J radioplaylists and, after having won Single of the Year, was included in the play lists of channels such as Fox FM in Melbourne.

January 26, 2011 the number 1 on the Triple J Hottest 100, 2010. Following over 35,000 sales in Australia, the carol has been awarded golden credit. Further successes were achieved above all in Europe, when the 2011 remix of the Australien DJs Goodwill and Hook N Sling under the name " Take You Higher " was performed as a household album.

"The " Big Jet Plane " was taken by Angus & Julia Stone and published in 2010 by the duet as part of an XP entitled Big Jet Plane. Albums include a Trans Australia Airlines Convair CV-240 piston-powered Convair, as shown by the "VH-TAP" identifying marks on the tail fin; this plane itself is not a jet.

It made a huge jump from 47 to 21 in the ARIA Charter in the post -ARIA Music Awards 2010 weekend and gave the track its top spot in the top 22 days of its publication. All in all the track has stayed 33 weeks in the Australian ARIA Falls. Having been ranked No. 1 on the 2010 Triple J Hottest 100, the track hit No. 6 on the Australian iTunes track and returned to the ARIA at No. 32.

Daddy vs. Betty covers the track at the Apra Music Awards 2011. Goodwill and Hook N Sling have mixed the songs again and changed the name to "Take You Higher". In 2011 Jan Blomqvist also created and coverd an electronical part of the album. By November 2015, Australia's rappers Tuka and Thelma Plum were covering the Triple J Like a track and modified it with significant extraversations.

Tuka's coverage was chosen at 81 in the Triple J Hottest 100, 2015. By September 2017 the Brasilian DJ and manufacturer Alok and the famous Mathieu Koss made a covering of the album. Big Jet Plane was named the best video of the year at the MTV Millennial Awards in 2018.

You can hear the track in TV shows like 90210,[13]One Tree Hill,[14]Parenthood,[15] and Suits. On November 9, 2010 a movie with musical footage from the movie was published. You can see the track in The Edge of Seventeen. There is also a play on the air in a Easy A movie sequence. The track is also shown in season 5, episode 6 of the TV Suits soundtrack.

You can hear the track in a Maybelline Fit Me spot.

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