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Booking your taxi and let us transport you with luxurious service from A to A!

Booking your taxi and let us transport you with luxurious service from A to A!

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Hongkong: Airport-Express, Bus or Taxi?

From Hong Kong International Airport (locally called HKIA) there are many ways to get to the town. Airport Express (AE) is a regular contact point for Hong Kong residents. Below are some thoughts to help you determine whether Airport Express is the best way for you to get to Hong Kong after arrival at HKIA.

Shall I take Airport Express? Firstly, the Airport Express is probably the fastest and most immediate way into the town, with three stopovers at the Tsing Yi, Kowloon and Hong Kong stations. Those considering the use of AE will most likely be interested in the Kowloon and Hong Kong stations situated in the major parts of the town.

The Airport Express is a fast connection to the town, but by no means the least expensive. Single travellers can take the AE to Kowloon station in just 20 mins ( HK$90 per person, HK$45 per child) and to HK station in 24 mins ( HK$100 per person, HK$50 per child).

A family of up to four persons can buy a group pass for (HK$220 to Kowloon Station) or (HK$250 to Hong Kong Station). View this links for Airports Express Group Pass rates from Airports to Cities. HKIA Express is served by HKIA Express every 10 min. throughout the whole working week between 5.54 and 00 am.

For those of you who find this too expensive, take a look at the very good HKIA busses (see below). It is a very effective way to get back to the Kowloon and Hong Kong airports from the Kowloon and Hong Kong locations and provides check-in and baggage claim facilities to most large carriers.

What is the route from Kowloon and Hong Kong Station to accommodation? One problem with Airport Express is that there are only two major drop-off points, which means that you will probably need another transport to your accommodation. From Kowloon and Hong Kong stations there is a free shuttleservice, which can be used by travellers to many of the nearest airports.

There are many large hotel operators in Kowloon and Hong Kong Island that have provision for this but it is up to you to find out. Please see our free Airport Express Shuttle Bus links from Kowloon and HK Stations to various cities. Most of the lines starting from Kowloon Station are operated every 12 min and those starting from Hong Kong Station every 20 min.

If your guesthouse is not on the free shuttles schedule, what happens? Airport-Express hotels that are not part of its free shuttles can also provide stand-alone pick-up and drop-off facilities to either Hong Kong or Kowloon Station. Please contact your local hotels directly to see if this is available.

As a rule, these hoteliers provide the services at 30 or 60 minutes interval. This means, however, that there is a possibility that you will have some wait times before being collected and brought to your accommodation. And if you are not in the right frame of mind and don't bother to pay a little more, then take a taxi directly from the airports to your accommodation (see below).

Alternatively, take AE to Kowloon or HK station and then take a taxi on the shorter route to your accommodation. It is a popular way for frequent HK and HK travellers to return home after arrival at Hong Kong International Airports. How about the plane shuttle?

And if you agree that you will have to pay for the extra return transport to and from your accommodation as well as the AE tickets, you might find it a good option to use our express to get to the town. If, however, as mentioned above, you want to travel cheaper, you should check out the excellent Kowloon and Hong Kong Island airports shuttle services.

Those itineraries take more elapsed travel to get to the town, but have more parking points, possibly near your nearest resort (you need to know where your resort is). Favourite buses are line A21 (HK$33 for adult, HK$16. 5 for children) which runs approximately 45-50 min to the centre of Kowloon and line A11 (HK$40 for adult, HK$20 for children) which runs approximately 50-65 min to central areas of Hong Kong Island.

How about a cab? A further thought, if the costs are not a problem and you are quite tired after a long plane ride, a taxi might be the best way for you to get into town to your accommodation instead of using Airport Express. The taxi rate (up to 4 people) is generally HK$225-250 (+5 for each item of luggage) for Kowloon locations and HK$290-320 (+5 for luggage) for most Hong Kong Island itineraries.

Usually this is a more costly way than using your airport's costs and can be longer according to the frequency of the shuttles at the Kowloon and HK Island stops, which allow you to be transported to your accommodation. If you take a taxi directly from the airports to your hotels, however, you can take point-to-point transport without further connection with the Kowloon and/or Hong Kong Express station.

Here you can find taxi rates that have been released from the airports to different places in the town. View this links to rates for Red (Urban), Green (New Territories) and Blue (Lantau Island) cabs in Hong Kong. Overall, the AE is a very good choice for those who arrive in HKIA and need transport to the town.

It is up to you, however, to know if this is the best way for you and your host to get into the town, depending on your budgets, your locations and your closeness to Kowloon or Kong Kong Station, and above all your expected level of tiredness after a long trip to Hong Kong.

In general, the breakeven point for taxi vs. Flughafen Express/Taxi combinations is around 2.5 persons. When there are more than 2 of you, take a taxi directly from the airports, when there are only two of you, the Airport Express options will be less expensive, even with the costs of traveling to your hotels.

Possibly you will also find that your accommodation is serviced by an airpot to the hotels shuttles. For example, a US$140 rail fare will be charged for a regular flight from the Cosmopolitan International Airports to the Cosmopolitan Hotels in Wan Chai in October 2015.

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