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From organizing sightseeing flights and unique concerts to coordinating flight schedules for world tours. There are hundreds of destinations all over the country we can take your group to. Charter groups for tours With ACS, you can reduce the effort of complex trips and provide a schedule that you can manage. Our products meet a wide range of requirements, be it for rapid transits through airport or the use of several passenger aircraft. Sport - organising personal jets for team, supporter or business and company sponsor to major sport event around the globe.

From organizing sightseeing flight sightseeing events to unique concert performances to coordinating flight plans for international trips. Roadshows - Organisation of personal jets to carry travellers to various locations, whether as a getaway to places within a nation or as a long-haul flight around the globe. Trading Missions - enable businessmen to make cross-continental journeys.

Dramatic art - whether it is a local theater trip or a global circulation trip, we can arrange your itinerary. Movie & Television - Organization of personal jets for team trips or planning of a promotion trip. Do you need to charter for an imminent trip? USE ACS FOR GROUP AIRCRAFT CHARTER WHY?

Air representation: One of our charter specialists can provide on-site assistance to ensure that all facets of your group charter run seamlessly. Set up your schedule: Go to your individual schedule - whatever your needs are, we'll set up the charter that best fits you and your group.

Reduce time: Prevent airline related delay and reduce the amount of travel required during transport. Branding your aircraft: Our Charter Concepts staff is able to fire all facets of your charter expertise. Affordability: Our purchasing strength and reputations enable us to offer you the best group charter rates, so you always get the most affordable option.

Aeroplane selection: With 50,000 aeroplanes to choose from, we always find the right aeroplane for your needs. Your own customer advisor: your own charter specialist is available around the clock to help you with any requirement you may have, from organising the galley to making changes to your charter later. Let us know your needs and one of our charter specialists will make you an offer.

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