Private Jet Membership Fee

Membership fee for Private Jet

Ordinary members and even smart members seem to pay a fee plus token for the longer shuttle flights. Fly on a scheduled private shuttle flight. World' s biggest private air travel and lifestyle community

Being a leading company in the field of private aviation, we are implementing an even more agile way of flying. With our new single and multiple schedules, members can find private jet seating that will cover the costs of business trips or provide charter services for a small portion of the charter outlay. To further democratise the aviation sector, we have refocused our membership offerings by reducing the subscription and streamlining the scheme.

Every member of the schedule has unrestricted admission to reservation slots and creates flight without joint flight obligations.

Without reservation restrictions, members have the limitless opportunity to travel around the world - all for a fraction ofthe costs of conventional charter. Members get significant rebates on air travel sales and cut costs by saving tens of millions by either exchanging your additional seat space with other travellers - or buying all your seat space to make it private.

Today CALL 866-392-9136, OR BUY IN-APP*Ability to expand fifth and six user for an extra $1,950/person per year. Membership fee is an entrance fee for the use of the service, is not a fee for flight traffic and cannot be refunded even if the member does not use the program or services.

The membership and initiative fee is not binding and includes all tax. Booking is dependent on available flights and is based on the first come, first serviced principle.

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