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Yesipur, & Ahmedabad, Ola is the most popular taxi booking service in India. Booking a city taxi in a city of your choice with OLA Cabs gives you attractive discounts and offers. When this is your first trip with OLA and you are stuck with OLA's online cabin booking. The OLA is also the safest taxi in India.

Booking a taxi in a town of your choosing with OLA Cabs gives you great value and great value.

OLA Cabs can help you book a taxi in the town of your choosing and give you great value for money. You can book the OLA Cabs cabin for transfers from the airports, train transfers and daily flat rates. Get also best taxi reservation quotes for city-to-city vehicle hire from OLA Cabs. Taxis of OLA Cabs are cleaned, tidy and run by well-trained people.

Has anyone had poor experiences with Ola cabins? - Bengaluru Forum

Has anyone had any negative experiences with Ola vehicles? Has had a horrible Ola cabin handling and wanted to use this as a wake-up call to travel companions, avoiding Ola cabins, especially if you are a female, do not really sense several serious problems with the rider. Does anyone have a better, poorer sharing experiance?

Has anyone had any negative experiences with Ola vehicles? My biggest Ola Cabs encounter was on Sunday, February 15, 2015. At 5 o'clock in the morning I had to be at Bangalore airport and the night before I had reserved an Ola cabin so that a vehicle could get to my apartment at 4 o'clock in the morning.

Ola rider phoned at 3.10 a.m. and received the adress, phoned at 3.50 a.m. and took further instructions and did not get in until 4.10 a.m. And when I phoned the driver's number, I was surprised it was off! Ola got a call from me and they said that the rider had turned off his telephone, but he will make another appointment in 5 mins.

The next chauffeur's number came to me, but when I phoned him I was shocked that he had no idea how to get me to the terminal and that he was 45 min away! Ola gave up and I couldn't take another cab. Driving the limousine to the airfield, parking it there and doing it just for the plane.

After that I phoned Ola three times and talked to them about the terrible experiences, but so far no Ola seniors have gone to the trouble of calling me and apologizing. Personally, I would ask urgently that you use ONLY Ola cabins if you do not have a time limit to achieve a goal because they are highly responsible and totally non-professional.

Has anyone had any negative experiences with Ola vehicles? Tried to book OLA cabin from kokkanahalli to train stations on 4 a.m. at 6 a.m. from kokkanahalli to train stations am aiyappanahalli... but I couldn't book because I got an mistake because the place is full... from my flat itself one of my friends is booking for the same place from kokkanahalli to train stations am contest.

his also certified this is for 1. drive free App offers. first issue is - do you only provide one taxi per position? 60 mins ago of the journey, the chauffeur phoned my boyfriend and asked him to annul the journey and ask my boyfriend to re-book. Has anyone had any negative experiences with Ola vehicles?

My descent from the airfield on an early flight in the early hours of the day had a similar effect... When booked through Ola cabins it showed a false pick-up point. Once again I phoned in the night and briefed them, but they persuaded me that it was fixed. Unfortunately the next day there was no track from the driver's cabin, only the data of the drivers.

Taxicab guy stank of alcohol, too. Has anyone had any negative experiences with Ola vehicles? Today I made an OLA cabin reservation (CRN:65932285) to participate in a relative wedding in Hoskote, Bangalore, and I had a miserable encounter with the OLA operator and taxi hero. Harisha (vehicle number KA 51 B 8496) was picked up from Marathahalli, Bangalore.

There was no way the rider understood any another country's native tongue and it took him almost 30 seconds to figure out the pick-up point. When we booked the cabin, the client service managers didn't tell us they didn't have a Hoskote point of contact. Arriving at the pick-up point, the rider said he would not be arriving because the Hoskote pick-up point is not within the Bangalore area.

The driver was so pretentious and didn't wear a uniforme. A further related who was booking OLA cabin (CRN:65935386) on the same date from the same pick-up point was taken off at Hoskote, and OLA cabin in this case had no problem with the pick-up point. So I had to abandon the idea to participate in the wedding of my near and dear ones because the wretched OLA cabin and I will not be recommending anybody to use their services.....

Has anyone had any negative experiences with Ola vehicles? When you want a taxi at a certain hour, don't worry about the Ola cabs because you won't get one unless there is a taxi near you at that particular hour. When you want the taxi, it's not relevant to her. Has anyone had any negative experiences with Ola vehicles?

Well, I often go to the airports. Once I used Ola for a ride to the international airports, when I forgot to book a Meru. :) Depending on whether a chauffeur is near you or not. Has anyone had any negative experiences with Ola vehicles? I' ve had a similar one.

at 30 a.m., the chauffeur phones at 4 a.m., asks where I want to go, when I tell him that I have to go to the nearest airports, he says he has "car problems" and is not sure if he can make it to the nearest one. Ola taxis and they immediately set up another taxi and I made it.

I would in fact in any case telephone and book Ola cabins directly to carry out airside handling, especially outside regular business opening times. Has anyone had any negative experiences with Ola vehicles? O had a terrible Ola cabin sensation today and almost a fortnight. In addition, you have billed me 50% of my invoice amount as additional hourly fees without telling me at the time of reservation.

Rather than spend my cash by phoning the call center, there was no help, they were not willing to accept what I told them, and insisted on paying me the full amount, one of their representatives went to the point where he said "you provided the services, so you are obligated to give whatever the fee is," you also added waiting fees where the rider was 15 minutes to my pickup point.

In order to make the predicament worse, the scuba diver began to threaten me that "you are paying the cash and leaving and later sorting it out with Ola, as it has nothing to do with my taxi and Ola, early in the day I don't want such chaos, just get out of the taxi and clear things up with Ola" And then, when I get help from anyone from Ola, I had to foot the whole bill, which was much more than the bill I am paying for the same journey on a regular basis.

If I have him 500 Rh, the chauffeur had no exchange and asked me to give him exchange, and when I phoned the call center again, they asked me to give him 500 Rh and they will give the exchange as Ola cash, I mean really ? are you serious... you always do this jig.

Later, after I got out of the taxi, when I tried to call the call center again and asked her to forward the call to the Floormanager I had talked to, they had some kind of data set about the complaints they had made, and when she was asked, she answered that no, we have no such following mechanisms, you will have to review your matter with me, after all, after having spent more than 1 hr on the ground, they quoted the top of our fees as Ola cash.

Daily waiting fees are charged for transport, even if we do not use air conditioning in the cabin. Has anyone had any negative experiences with Ola vehicles? In my opinion my experiences with OLA CABS Hyderabad are probably the most serious. At 12:10 noon on 31 March 2015 I was booking an OLA Mini driver's cabin from door to door in Hyderabad.

When I got into the taxi, the chauffeur began to talk on the telephone and I stopped him and asked him nicely not to talk on the telephone while out. In addition, the rider didn't turn on the air conditioning and I asked him to turn it on because it's the holiday time.

All of a sudden he began yelling at me because I had asked him to turn on the AC and began to misbehave with cursing words. Back then I phoned the OLA service and asked him to get me another taxi because I couldn't handle this one. Once I came down, the rider followed me and began screaming out loud with all sorts of nasty words in front of spectators and car lovers.

Mr President, I would like to take measures against OLA Cabs Hyderabad because they have hired such a club and have not checked its history correctly. If you are travelling with OLA cabs, please be cautious and I suggest that you choose a normal car as these riders have no behavioural practice and no backgrounds check. Following this event, I phoned OLA service and described the behaviour of this rider.

I' m worried that the rider might possibly assault me if he lost his jobs because of my complaints. Need clarification on this subject to see how I can initiate libel proceedings against OLA Cabs Hyderabad. Has anyone had any negative experiences with Ola vehicles? It is reserved for ad hoc travel, never for pre-planned travel, especially to the airports.

Riders choose trips where the traveller is nearest to their last drop-off point, so that there is a high probability that scheduled reservations will not be taken into account.

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