Sea Plane Sri Lanka

Seaplane Sri Lanka

As an island, Sri Lanka is literally surrounded by oceans on all sides and also has many waters, whether in the sea or inland. I' ve read about Sri Lankan Airlines air taxi service, but. SEAPLANE AIR TAXI SCHEDULES.

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Sri Lanka as an Iceland is literal encircled by oceans on all sides and also has many waters, whether in the sea or in the interior. A seaplane or "flying boat" has become a favourite means of transport for those who want to get to their destination quickly and at the same time enjoy a magnificent view of the Sri Lankan countryside.

Seaplanes are usually twins on flat swimmers that can carry a max. of 15 people. Landings take place in designated ponds, dams and lochs, while a seaplane flight ensures that you arrive at your destinations in 85% less travelling hours than by car. At Fly Sri Lanka we are fully equiped and skilled to handle your personalities.

Every day we offer departures on Sri Lankan airline companies and we can arrange charters following more picturesque itineraries. Bookings for regular services can be made through Sri Lankan airline companies, either by direct contact with the Bureau or by on-line reservation. Seaplane travel agents are selected for their client care and fleet of state-of-the-art aircraft.

Or you can select your flight from our regular departures or have us create a timetable for you. By seaplane you can fly quickly, easily and in a stylish way!

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Note also that not all airfields in Cinnamon are seaports, for some he uses his bikes and not his floating planes, as they are regular airfields. Verify the terminal address on your premises to ensure; e.g. in Koggala there is both sea and a regular airport and it seems to be using the first one, in Weerawila and Sigiriya certainly the regular airport, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

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and unpopularly hard to visit. It would have taken us 5-6 hours, 40 minutes to get there and it was an incredible trip. The runway was a Laguna in Dickwella, in the southern part of Sri Lanka. Small six-seater Cuban restaurant came down ashore in the Laguna in front of the smallest ever Aiport!

Flying around 3,000 feet we could see the shore, the long beaches, the hills, the woods, the small towns and the long meandering streams that cross the area. I felt like a personal flight through Sri Lanka, one of the most astonishing ways to see this lovely and varied land. Though I have to say that we spend 2 hours in a congestion from the Colombo International Airports, but it was still unbelievable.

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