Square 2 Taxi Stand

2nd place taxi stand

Fifteen visitors checked in at the Novena Square 2 taxi stand. Best taxi rank in the novena. Taxis in front of the entrance at Geladiso. On Thomson Road: 5, 21, 54, 56, 57, 131, 143, 162, 162M, 166, 167, 851, 980, NR1. There is a shuttle bus service between Novena Square2 and other medical centers.

Squares2 - Far East Shopping Centres

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Getting to 10 Sinaran Square in Singapore by bus or metro Moovit

Please click here for up-to-date schedules, scheduled arrival times and step-by-step instructions. Which are the closest 10 Sinaran Drives stops? 10 Sinaran Drive's closest stops are: Are you looking for route description to 10 Sinaran Road in Singapore, Singapore? Moovit has made how to get to 10 Sinaran Drives much simpler.

With the Moovit Mobile App or the Moovit Web App you will find the next stop. Coaches or subways and other choices are pertinent alternative means of transport that can be used to get to your destinations. Following transits have trails that run near 10 Sinaran Drives - Underground: Check out these transital alternatives:

Novene (Ns20); Opp Square 2 taxi stand; Mount Elizabeth Novena; Square 2 taxi stand. Moovit gives us all your transportation in one easy-to-use free application. The Moovit will help you find the quickest route to 10 Sinaran Driving with the latest timetables. Downlaod our application to get a step-by-step guide, real-time planning and the nearest transition line that will get you to 10 Sinaran Road in no time-.

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ward configuration

The Novena MRT stop (NS20) is a subway stop along the North South Line (NSL). Situated within the Moulmein Design subarea (near the Balestier subarea boundary) and near the intersection of Newton Road, Thomson Road and Moulmein Road. St. Alphonsus Church (better known as the Novena Church) is a Catholic church near the church.

The Novena area is located in the centre of Singapore with a variety of nearby development projects such as the Health City Novena healthcare centre, malls, offices, colleges, schools, cult sites, condos and residential complexes. During 2017, the Novena MRT subway (Exit B) to Goldhill Centre was torn down to make way for works on the north-south corridor under Thomson Road.

North-South line (B2): The Novena substation has two North South Line subterranean rigs in an isolated rig configuration. Elevated plattform door panels insulate the air-conditioned ward from the surrounding tunnels and increase the security of commuters and the convenience of the ward. There is a row of moving staircases, steps and an elevator connecting the deck floor with the railway hall above.

The passenger information systems, which are plasmas on each stage, show estimated arrivals hours and keys. Contact floors help to lead the partially sighted from stations to sidings and exit points. There is a ticketing hall in the basement 1. Tariffs are available for automated billing and provide free entry between areas of the railway stations that have been purchased and those that have not been purchased, with at least one bi-directional wide-swinging door for wheelchair users and those who carry large objects or pushchairs.

Passenger service is provided at the railway terminal offices during business hour, where passengers can make requests for tickets or make payments in advance. There is also a transit counter at this railwaystationThe TransitLink ticketing desk is open from 12:00 to 19:30 on weekdays and from 12:00 to 18:00 on Saturdays.

Restrooms and retailers are situated in the non-paid areas of the railway area. The Novena MRT stop has two outputs on the subway levels (A and B) at the northern and southern ends of the Tickethalle. Subways then branching out from these outlets connect with neighbouring development projects.

Outputs A and B2 provide handicapped accessible entry to the Square 2 basement retail centre via a common elevator, and an extra elevator at Exit A takes you to Tan Tock Seng Hospital. During 2017, the Novena MRT subway (Exit B) to Goldhill Centre was torn down to make way for the building of the North-South Expressway under Thomson Road.

When enabled, the stop button on the screen prevents arriving drains from arriving at the railway stations, and any drains already halted on the screen are blocked from leaving. Distress phones on stations and intercoms in elevators allow passengers to talk to station personnel in the interlock.

In case of a malfunction, it is possible to open the screen gates by hand using escape hatches. The Novena railway line is connected with several nearby buses as well as with taxi ranks and passengers' pick-up points. We have three public buses that connect to the Novena railway line. Taxis and pick-up and drop-off points are situated at the entrances to neighbouring housing estates.

They are the nearest to the Novena railway and do not contain those in more distant places. If the MRT train line at Novena railway terminal is disrupted, MRT shuttles can be enabled to travel on the affected sections of the North South Line. Furthermore, according to their location on the road, travellers can take the public transport system, which is formally connected to Novena railway line.

The Novena Branch is situated in the Novena area in the centre of Singapore and services a wide range of projects in the immediate area such as clinics and health care centers, malls, offices, colleges, schools, cult sites, freehold apartments and residential complexes. During 2017, the Novena MRT subway (Exit B) to Goldhill Centre was torn down to make way for the building of the North-South Expressway under Thomson Road.

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