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Town of Rochester, NY Taxiicabs

Nobody shall deliberately drive, use or authorise a taxi within the city unless a hooked sign exhibited in accordance with this section is correctly affixed to the taxi; provided, however, that this section shall not preclude a taxi which is not fitted with a hammered hacking board from ending a ticket price within the city when it begins outside the city, or from coming back to collect the ticket price at the passenger's option, or from receiving a timecall, as herein specified, in the city as long as such taxi has a Monroe County hammered hacking board in effect.

B. Hackenschild is awarded by the town clerk after complying with the regulations laid down in this section, against paying the necessary licence fees and after permission by the police chief. A hacking platform expires on 30 June after its issue unless it is withdrawn, returned or relinquished at an earlier date.

A. Requests for a Hackschild must include the applicant's name, home and office addresses, date of origin, home and office number. Applicants must also produce a copy of the New York State license of the car on which the hack-label is affixed and a certificate of cover for that car.

B. Every request for a hacking sign shall be investigated by the policing department and the request shall be accompanied by the request for examination by the Chief of police, together with the certificate of examination and a copy of the request's road and riot records, if available. I. A wood chip rack is the individual in charge of operating a taxi with such a wood chip rack.

B. Vehicles on which the Hackschild is mounted must be recorded and covered by health and safety provisions in the name of the Hackschild owner for the entire duration of the Hackschild. Insurances for this car will not lapse, nor will they be cancelled, modified or changed, unless there is a 10-day notification in writing to the town clerk, either in person or by recorded delivery.

C. Holders of a hook shield must make sure that all taxi cab operators carrying this hook shield have a New York State taxi and driving license. An Hackshield shall be considered surrendered if the Hackshield owner no longer holds a Taxiicab or no longer holds a New York State License Number, if the Hackshield elapses without being replaced within the required deadline, or if a Taxiicab has not successfully completed the Rochester City Car Inspectorate within the required deadline.

Police chief notifies the owner in written form of the renunciation of a choppingboard. An owner so informed shall be given 10 working days in which to apply for a hearing to show why the hackjack should not be considered a surrender. In the event of a serious sickness, serious injury or other serious cause, the police chief may dispense with the task; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; In the event of the removal or stealing of a hammered wood chip, the keeper shall immediately inform the town clerk of the removal or stealing, who shall provide a substitute for the hammered wood chip in exchange for a $60 charge and upon receiving an oath from the keeper giving the reasons for the removal or heft.

A city clerk shall immediately inform the police chief that a substitute has been paid and shall forward the declaration in lieu of an oath to him. A keeper shall be allowed to replace a chopping board every year provided that the keeper observes each and every one of the provisions of this section. Extension requests must be filed in person by each wood chip owner.

Proxies will only be granted in the event of temporarily invalidity or temporarily absent of the wood chip owner from the Rochester area or for any other important reason specified by the Chief of Police. Prolongation applications must be submitted to the town clerk no later than 30 June of each subsequent licence year.

Failure to submit the request for extension in time will result in the Hackplate being considered discontinued. and $55 of this is a non-refundable handling charge; ; ; ; B. When issuing a Hackplatte, the City Clerk also issues a taxi cab licence document in the manner required by the Chief of Police.

A $10 charge is levied for the cost of replacing a missing Taxi Cab licence; C. The City Recorder keeps a log of each Hackschild exhibited, of the owner, of the location of the owner's offices or branches, and of the Hackschild number allocated to the owner.

D. Hoe pick shield owners must promptly notify the City Clerk in writing, using a signed submission from the City Clerk, of any changes to the New York State vehicle's license or service condition or to any information, policy or car descriptive information related to the car to which the hoe pick shield is affixed.

A. Nobody may cede, rent, convey or otherwise sell a Hackplate's right. B. After the invalidity, decease or decommissioning of a wood chip keeper, the Chief of Police may re-issue the wood chip to an immediate member of the immediate household involved in the use of the wood chip with the wood chip keeper.

The request for the issuing of the wood chip under these conditions has to be made by the member of the household within 30 workingdays after invalidity, decease or pension of the wood chip-keeper. A member of the household requesting the issue of a chipping board must fulfil all the criteria for a chipping board retainer.

C. An individual other than a wood chip owner must inform the town clerk in written within five workingdays about any changes to public officials, major shareholders or affiliates or other changes in the shape of a company. Police Chief will check all changes to make sure that all individuals and organisations concerned comply with the requirement for a wood chip tray support.

There is no quid pro quo for the right to chipping plates and no chipping plates keeper receives any quid pro quo. It is forbidden for any individual to take a taxi within the city unless the taxi is fitted with a taxi meter in good working order. B. Taximeters must be linked and used with the transfer of the taxi to which they are fixed.

If the taxi carries passenger for rent, the meter must be switched on at all hours, unless otherwise specified in this section. Place the meter in such a way that the display or clock face is clearly visible to all users during the taxi ride and when getting off. The front of each meter shall be adequately lit between dusk and dawn so that the numbers of that meter are easily visible to all persons.

Nobody may use or allow a taxi-meter that has a fractured signet affixed by the County Director of Weights and Measures. However, no one should use or allow the use of a taxi-meter. If for any reason you break a sealing or remove it from a fiscalimeter, the fiscalimeter must be re-tested and sealed by the County Director of Weights and Measures before the instrument is reused.

Changing a taxi metre from one car to another or adjusting the taxi metre's mode of operations or adjusting the wheels that control the taxi metre without re-inspection and permission from the district manager for weights and measurements is illegal. Unless the meters have attached a weight and measurement signet within the last six month, or as otherwise specified herein, which certifies that the measuring instrument is correct, no persons may drive a taxi in the city.

A taxi driver shall present his car to the County Director of Weights and Measures to inspect and test the meter before first use, after the meter has broken its sealing and/or been repaired, after the meter has been set or moved to a new car, after the meter has been set to operate and at least once every six month thereafter.

D. When there is reason to believe that a meter is not accurately computing rates, a member of the Rochester Police Department or a district weights and measurements officer may order an immediate check of that meter. The taxi cab with this meter must not be available for rent until the completion of the service.

E. The County Director of Weights and Measures must inform the Hackschild owner and the police chief in written form if he determines that the meter is imprecise or damage. After receiving notification from the District Director of Weights and Measurements of an imprecise or defective meter, no individual may rent such a taxi until the meter has been fixed and unsealed or a new meter has been fitted and unsealed.

A. Nobody may drive a taxi within the city unless the car has successfully completed a New York State Standards Car Inspectorate in the last six month and has a duly attached and up-to-date test badge. D. In the event of a breakdown of a Rochester City Car Inspectorate taxi, an earlier City Check badge shall be immediately withdrawn from the car.

It is the owner's responsibility to inform the vehicle's hackers of this fault and of the removing of the test stick. If the police chief or his representative does not extend this deadline for serious reasons due to sickness, bodily harm or for other important reasons, the taxi driver has 30 working day to make all necessary changes or repair to the car and carry out a new overhaul.

If the changes and repair necessary to complete the re-test within the specified deadline are not made within the specified deadline, the Hacking Platform in question shall be deemed waived. E. The Chief of Police or his representative may at any moment carry out or cause to be carried out another service of a car used as a taxi in the city, and if the car proves to be insecure, impure, unhealthy or unsuitable for use by the general public, the Chief of Police may order the suspension of the use of the car as a taxi.

A. Unless otherwise provided in this section, no individual may drive a taxi for rental in the city for a price or service unless such price or service is calculated on the basis of travel distances and length of wait, and such price or service shall not be in excess of the rate set by a meter as follows:

The starting price is $2.50 for the first person. Every extra passenger: $2. 00 per person. A taxi operator must take the most immediate way to the passenger's intended arrival, except that a taxi operator travelling between the aerodrome and a city centre site may take the most immediate express road.

For all journeys beginning or ending just beyond Riverside Graveyard the following minimal zoning requirements may be calculated for journeys just beyond Riverside Graveyard, dividing that part of the city into three as follows: - the city of Riverside Graveyard - the city of Riverside - the city of Riverside - the city of Riverside - the city of Riverside - the city of Riverside - the city of Riverside - the city of Riverside - the city of Riverside - the city of Riverside - the city of Riverside - the city of Riverside - the city of Riverside - the city of Riverside - the city of Riverside - the city of Riverside - the city of Riverside - the city of Riverside - the city of Riverside - the city of Riverside - the city of Riverside - the city of Riverside - the city of Riverside - the city of Riverside - the city of Riverside - the city of Rards - the city of RR: From Riverside Graveyard to Boxart Street: $2.50, plus $1 for each extra passanger.

from Boxart Street to Denise Road: $3.50, plus $1 for each extra passanger. From Denise Road to Beach Avenue, inclusive, Area C: $4, plus $1 for each extra person. Every area includes all areas that lie between the line of their border roads and extend to the eastern and western edge of the city.

For journeys from one area to or through another area, the required areas shall not be subject to the addition of the required areas minima, nor shall these minima be added to a measured urban journey time. Area and fare for each area will be indicated on the license/rate map in such taxi.

With the exception of the cases provided herein, all travel to or from Rochester-Monroe County Airport and to any point within the city will be measured except that if the price at point of use is less than $10, a $10 min ticket may be used. There may be an extra $2.50 for each extra person.

However, no fee shall be charged for the first five minute period after arriving or for the period missed due to taxi operator efficiency inefficiencies or early arrivals in reaction to a call.

Fares shall not be deemed to have ended until a taxi is available to serve another client. Per item of checked or bagged cargo, or any item of cargo, which exceeds two per person, provided that the rider is assisting with such items: $0.25. Unless expressly stated otherwise in this section, no reserve or package price will be calculated or sought for journeys between two points within the city.

Those regulations shall govern, even if part of this journey may be outside the city. A taxi rider may not take a different individual than the first occupant of the taxi cab without the passenger's permission. Under no circumstances may a chauffeur collect or convey another individual after having commenced carriage of the original taxi rider, unless that rider instructs the chauffeur to collect the other individual or individuals.

If a group of hirers uses a taxi, the members of that group all have the right to be transported to the same or different locations at the meter set, possibly inclusive of an extra tariff, and the meter is neither set back nor subject to a tariff after departure until the last member of that group has been supplied to its final location, and the customer is liable for the entire price of the ticket then shown on the meter plus an extra tariff.

If two or more persons are admitted who are not members of a group but consent to a joint transport, the meter shall be deactivated and placed in a'stopping position' when the person has reached his final destination for the first time and while being discharged.

is the amount then displayed on the counter; the counter is re-enabled for the second person and the price is the amount then displayed on the counter when his arrival is attained; for a third or forth person, the counter is deactivated or moved to a "stop" location and then re-enabled as intended for the first and second person.

However, in no case shall a Contracting party travelling with others in accordance with this sub-section be obliged to make a payment in excess of what it would have been invoiced if it were the single mate. Irrespective of any other provision of this section, the meter need not be in use and shall be recorded whenever a taxi cab is operated for the use of the taxi operator or for the carriage of hired persons under a contract of carriage in writing setting a charge for a minimum of 20 business days. 6.

Labels showing the use of the taxi for this purposes shall be placed on the front of the right-hand side of the taxi. Labels used to identify the taxi operator's use of a taxi must contain the words "not in service"; labels identifying the carriage of hired persons under a contract must contain the words "charter".

A. Upon demand of a person who pays for the rental of such a taxi, a taxi rider shall, at the moment of making the rental charge, issue a voucher to the person concerned on a pre-printed sheet with a place for all the information requested in this section. Name and City Taxi Cab licence number of the taxi rider.

A. A taxi rider must keep a day manifesto. Record the time and date when the car is available for use as a taxi, the driver's name and make, the hacking licence number and the licence number of that car before the first person or parcel is delivered.

Immediately after the taxi hired for the particular date has ceased to be operated, the date and place shall be registered by the chauffeur. Drivers who deliver parcels must also indicate the name of the consignor and the name of the consignee. B. The chauffeur and the owner of a hook panel shall keep the manifesto for each taxi for a duration of one hundred and twenty days, and this manifesto shall be presented at the request of the Chief of Police.

Traffic control authorities may reserve certain areas identified as functioning taxis for the use of taxis awaiting work and certain areas identified as taxi car parks for the use of taxis awaiting car parks for up to 45 minute intervals during the awaiting work period.

It may adopt such other measures and provisions as it deems necessary to ensure that there is no disruption to services during the delivery of persons or packages. A: No individual may drive a taxi hired in the city unless the taxi satisfies all of the following requirements: Taxis shall be fitted with adequate number, height, dimension and clearness of window in the back and side of the taxi for clear visibility and identification of persons through the window.

Taxis must be free from distorting damages to the inside and outside of the car, as well as significant corrosion. The taxi's door, lamps, seatbelts and security devices must be kept in good working order. Taxis must have a chopping board attached to the outside back with nut and bolt, screw or buffer holder, which is free and clearly viewable for vehicles.

Taxis shall be fitted with a door which is so fixed that it can be easily opened from the inside by a single occupant. Taxis must bear on both the front door on the right and on the front door on the front of the vehicle a marking at least three inches in height, in a colour different from that of the taxi, indicating the name of the holder or dispatcher of the taxi cab.

On the front door on the right and front door on the right and on the left, the number of the mincing board attached to the car shall be marked at least five inch high in a colour different from that of the driver's cab. The number of the Hackschild must also be marked on the back of the driver's cab with a label at least five-inch high.

This number shall be in a colour different from that of the car and easily distinguishable from that of the road-users. If there is an important reason, the police chief may allow a car to be used as a temporary taxi without ID on the outside of the car.

On the side or back of a taxi no numbers other than the number of the hacking sign may appear, except the phone number of the paint shop or the taxi owner. Taxis must be fitted with a skylight at least 12 inch long and three inch high containing the words "taxi" and/or the name of the rental firm.

If the taxi is empty or rented, the lamp lights up and remains unlit if the taxi is used by a person making a payment. Taxis must all be equipped with the licence/tax pass provided by the town clerk on the back of the front seats of the taxi.

Taxis shall be lacquered in a colour sample so as not to be mistaken for a state, provincial or municipal criminal prosecution car normally operated or located within Monroe County; ; ; All taxis shall be so arranged and built as to accommodate nine or fewer passengers, without the operator, and shall have no more than five or fewer than four seats.

A New York State Taxi Cab licence number must be affixed to all taxis. You must carry a taxi cab licence document from the city with you at all time in your taxi cab. Trailers may not be hitched to taxis transporting people. Taxis may be fitted with a pushbutton which can be operated by the taxi operator in an urgent situation and which, at the discretion of the taxi operator, triggers a warning signal on the back of the taxi; B. A taxi operator shall not allow a non-paying person to board or stay in a taxi while such a taxi is available, with the exception of a new operator being instructed.

New drivers who are being instructed must have a taxi or limited edition driver's licence and chauffeur's licence from the State of New York and present these at the demand of a policeman. If a taxi operator trains a new cabbie, he must make sure that the new cabbie has a current taxi cab driver's licence or provisional licence and a current New York State driver's licence.

C. Nobody may smokes or carries an illuminated tobacco, lighter, pipe or any other type of tobacco item or equipment in a taxi while a taxi is in operation. According to Section 50 of 375 of the Vehicle and Traffic Act, it is not necessary for a taxi to be fitted with partition walls or screens or emergency signals.

City is not responsible for the supply or non-supply of such devices on a taxi.

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