Personal Charter

Private Charter

Basically, you have started to create your own personal charter. Personal Charter is a one-pager that describes your "mission in life". So why create a personal charter statement? Crewed yacht charter offers the ultimate all-inclusive vacation on the water aboard your own private Sail or Power catamaran.

Personal Charter

I think it's clear that many HR employees don't like personal charters. Anyway, since the kind of organization I prefer to work with has no HR staff or divisions (i.e. the synergistically oriented organizations), and the publication of my own charter (about fifteen years ago) serves as a kind of filtering for the possibilities I don't want.

So why even issue a charter? For example, I've found that Project Charters can help enormously to manage the expectation between the different stakeholders engaged in developing softwares and similar group work. I think all trainers can profit from having a charter at their fingertips when they interact with future people.

Briefly, a charter will help you know where you are. Among the things I value personal are sincerity, integrality, openness, magnanimity, altruism and non-violence. In my opinion, the best way for individuals to interact and work together is to have a shared value canon. And I don't think that a certain rate of value provides for a better or poorer kind of individual per se.

It is not my desire to question your point of views or convictions - unless you want it from me. Mr President, I welcome a question-based approach to debate and greatly appreciate that you question my position - but I would also be pleased if you would not just try to get me to accept yours or criticise my views.

It is my belief to let them know how I see the outside worlds, in the hopes that this information could enhance communications and confidence, and with the full appreciation that this could sometimes cause unintentional inconvenience or be confused with an attitude of confliction or confronting. In my opinion, critique - especially constructivist critique - generally tends to reward the donor rather than the receiver.

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