Taxi 1

Taxicab 1

5113 alkalommal nézték meg. sspan class="mw-headline" id="Plot">Plot[edit] Taxicab is a 1998 movie with Samy Naceri, Frédéric Diefenthal and Marion Cotillard, composed by Luc Besson and director Gérard Pirès....

There are four continuations, Taxi 2, Taxi 3, Taxi 4 and Taxi 5 and an US remake, Taxi (2004). She also provided the prerequisite for the TV broadcast in the United States, Taxi Brooklyn in 2014.

Dean Morales (Samy Naceri) is the quickest supplier for the Marseille pizzeria "Pizza Joe" in France. The last working afternoon he breaks a new pace track and then quits the business to start a new taxi driving car with the blessing of his chief and staff.

He is as familiar with a vehicle as he is with a motorbike and completely ignores driving restrictions. Daniel's first client, an older lady called Camille, has a boy called Émilien (Frédéric Diefenthal), a young policeman. Émilia is awkward and has just missed his eighth driver's test.

Nobody is taking him seriously at work, not even the sergeant Petra (Emma Sjöberg), into whom he puts an unanswered swarm. There is now a band of raiders in France who have successfully robbed Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany of a number of high-profile heists. Known for their sophisticated and efficient strategies, their skilful handling, and the use of Mercedes-Benz 500E car as an emergency vehicle, the squad has been able to develop a number of new and innovative solutions.

In anticipation of the robber troop, Gibert deploys policemen and militias in civil vehicles outside the target area. Émilien, who participated in the surveillance, happened to cause a massive road crash after the bandits stepped into the bench. Because of the mess, another car swarm (the French minister's escort) starts shooting at the officer, and the robber escapes.

Émilien picks up a taxi the next morning and gets into Daniel's truck. Daniel does not know the profession of his driver, unveils his race modification and repeatedly violates the road rules. Émilia finally unveils his stamp, arrests Daniel and seizes his taxi licence. On the territory, after the interrogation of Daniel, Émilien asks for help with the Germans band in return for obtaining his licence.

Daniel looks at pictures of the escape vehicles and comes to the conclusion that the tyres come from a Kruger (Gregory Knop) car-park. With reluctance, Daniel leaves a date with Lilly and follows Émilien to watch the car-park. Next day Émilien tries to question Kruger, who opens fire on the duet and gets away.

Policemen speculated properly the next destination for the predators and managed to fire a locator on one of the vehicles. On the other hand, the band pulls over to a remote parking lot and paints the vehicles again, which destroys the locating equipment. Even though Gibert builds a barrier around the parking lot, the cops can't find a vehicle with the cash, and the mob escapes again.

Émilia returns home to find out that he turned on the oven and that his home has now burnt down. Émilia and Camille go to Daniel's home and interrupt his long expected private with Lilly. Émilia talks to Daniel about how the mob is able to get away. Daniel realizes that the thieves must have repainted the vehicle, contact one of his buddies about the color and chase the thieves on a racetrack where they are hiding the stolen cash.

Daniel provoke the band to a run and win a wager. On their return home, they discover that Camille and Lilly have become quick buddies, smoke pots and tell past tales. Both men also shared their past, forming a band of fellowship and developing a scheme to capture the group.

Émilien replicates the keys of twenty signal lights throughout the entire town the next morning and provides Daniel with a sealed wireless connection. At Pizza Joe, Daniel collects his old employees, and Emilien gives them the keys and the walkie-talkie. Once the bandits have collected the cash, Daniel follows them and proposes a new one.

Since the deliverers use the light to clear the way for the vehicles, they take the motorway. Then Daniel races towards a viaduct under build and hits the brakes. Thieves' automobiles jump over the gaps and land on the other side, only to find that it is an unfinished section of the bridges.

They' ll be busted with the cash in the chests. Later, Daniel and Émilien are awarded a medal by the Chief of Staff, and Émilien begins the appointment with Petra. He participates in the French Grand Prix in a Formula 3000 race donated by the Marseille Maritime Patrol.

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