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Ticket prices - Cairns taxes Rentals from either national or multinational taxi ranks at Cairns Airports are subject to a "toll" of $4.40 collected by Cairns Airports PL, which is added to the fares at the start of the counter. Deviation in fares is a crime. By law, may demand a down payment equal to the estimate of the ticket price or the amount stipulated. Charges an extra amount (up to $117) for taxi clean-up to the individual staining the taxi.

The member must take a taxi to use the smart card for subsidized trips.

A member who presents a smart Card to the rider at the beginning of the journey. Drivers to verify photo and expiration date and if applicable, place smart cards in the smart cards holder and keep them in the cards until the end of the journey. a member to verify the correctness of the billing information. At the end of the journey, the rider must give the smart Card back to the member. Drivers may not reject a validity smart cards presented by a member for the partial settlement of their taxi fares.

Cairns Maxi Taxi Airport Taxi Service - Cairns Forum

The group ( 4 pairs - 8 persons) will reach Cairns airport at the end of November. We' d rather take a cab to the CBD than a regular serviceuttle. On arrival will we get a maxi taxi at the taxi stand or should we reserve it in advance?

We' ll be there around 11. Regarding the reservation, I checked the Cairns Taxi website but can't see an optional pick-up from Cairns International Airports? O.P., if there is no optional, you may not be able to arrange a taxi to pick you up from the airports, but there will be many in the stands.

Alternatively, you can reserve a personal transfershuttle with one of the locals. Nuriootpa - Yes, if you try to get into Cairns airport, you will get the Cairns North car hire facility which is not what I wanted, so the answer is why I asked the to.

W Garry - thanks for the information that there should be a lot to see on the taxi stands. Last I had a Maxi-Taxi when I went to Cairns. Several of them were queuing at the airfield.

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