Taxi Cab car

Cab Cab Car

Taxi cab vehicles in use An owner can buy and chop a used car less than 7 years old if the make and type are listed below. Second-hand cars are given a pension date of 7 years after the outbreak minus the car's aging ( e.g. a 2018 hitched car of the 2015 year is 3 years old and must retire 4 years after the outbreak).

Cars with more than 500 mileage on the mileage counter at the moment of the hackup will get a DMV check at TLC's Woodside Insection Facility. Both the TLC Hackup and DMV inspections must be passed by these cars before the car can be used as a Cab. The TLC will include rolling stock in this table as new rolling stock becomes available and complies with TLC standards and requirements.

Should you have any queries about a car or your pension, please call the TLC HAACK site at (718) 267-4501. The unlimited locket needed by TLC to pick an available car may only pick the Nissan NV200 Accessable. Unlimited medal holders who wish to chop an available other than the Nissan NV200 can find out how to apply for a disclaimer here.

More information on the TLC Safety & Emissions Department's wheelchair safety and emissions requirements can be found on the page entitled Available Vehicles. More information on the required access and available resources can be found on the Taxicab Access page.

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