How to call a Cab in Gta 5

To call a taxi in Gta 5

Hello, I've been playing gta 5 since Friday and I want to know if I can drive taxis in the game and how. How do you demand that the team move to the side? They can earn extra money to become taxi drivers.

What do you do to call a cab? - assistance & support

I' ve found out you can drive cabs in Gta IV, but how does it work? Push c to call the cab. Keep pressing down to get into the cab. Niko will steal the cab if you push and don't keep the button pressed. Register for a new affiliate in our online communities. It'?s very simple!

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From your cell you can call a cab online, if you have to go for a few minutes but have somewhere in the game where you want to go: online taxis.

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