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Private-sector operator drives London car rental market forward | News With 242,200, the number of registered taxis and private cars on British roads has hit a peak of 9.3% since 2013. It was caused by an increased number of private rental cars used by Uber chauffeurs. There is a particularly pronounced tendency in London, where there are now 85,300 registered cars, an 18th place in the world.

The number of POs on the capital's roads has risen by 25 since 2013. The number of cabs in the same region grew by only 1.5% to 22,500. Service providers such as Uber, which started in 2012, have provoked protest from fare evaders who say the application works as an effective meter due to its capacity to charge tariffs on the basis of distances or travel times, which is only permitted in conventional cabs - also known as hackney cars.

Over 15,000 riders in London, but over Travis Kalanick's chief executive Travis Kalanick is hoping to increase this to 42,000 by March 2016 - which, according to today's numbers, would account for more than half of total licenses. But this also involves several hundred fare evaders who use the UberTaxi taxi services, according to the group.

The number of over-drivers could soon exceed the number of cab companies in the town, which has already been done in New York. It should be noted, however, that the number of PHV riders exceeding the number in a Hackney car is not a new one. Cab ins and PHVs need a driver's license for both the car and the rider.

There were 297,600 riders in England, including 103,900 (35%) in London. Approximately three fourths of licenced chauffeurs in the capitol are for PHVs, versus 25,200 pure cabs. Cabs are statistically categorized as readily available rental vehicles that can be greeted on the road while PTAs must be posted and cannot use cab stands.

Governments do not show which applications - if any - the riders are using.

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