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Lastminute booking

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Lastminute Booking - Not Validated - Holiday Travel Forum

However, I did book a vacation with them in September 2017, they took my down payment and all penalties (I usually paid in full, but couldn't this time). However, I went into my e-mail to verify that everything was in order, and then my booking said "not yet confirmed", which panicked me.

My guess would be that the "not yet confirmed" refers to the fact that you didn't fully pay her for the vacation. This is not the best formulation that they can show, but may be comprehensible if you have not fully payed for it. Be sure to know the booking detail, route, date and hour of booking.

Have you taken a screenshot of the booking page? Maybe because the ticket wasn't ticked because you only made a down payment. Last weekend I made a booking and it still shows as booking not valid. I' m not leaving until July and the rest has to be payed by June, but now I panic that it actually hasn't been made!

Hello, has your booking been made? I' ve been booking Lastminute flight. com - fully charged - the flight is for 4 week and I have got text and e-mail saying: "You are working on my booking and will acknowledge when done"...until you acknowledge that I cannot make my contiguous flight or accommodations booking.

I spoke to them this mornin' and they tell me it needs "time to book," so I just have to hold. I have been on line and cannot canceled the booking "as it is not confirmed", NEVER AGAINST !!!!!!!! If you are lucky, your booking will be validated and you will not be asked for more cash.

Maybe they just tell you that your booking cannot be confirmed (and give you a weak excuse), in which case you will be in a very similar to it. What you actually did was fill out the booking enquiry sheet. Using the information provided, they will then try to make a reservation with the carrier at the rate they have given you.

It might have been better to make a booking directly with the carrier for immediate acknowledgement. Incorrectly, they thought their flight ticket was validated only to find out that Zuji couldn't get them the rates a few nights later.

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