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You are a Bahrain based or Bahrain based traveller looking for taxi fares within the Kingdom? Now, to help you, I have tried to summarize all the information about taxi fares in the following sections, from an offical and trustworthy website. Passengers must cover the taxi charge as it will appear on the counter of the car as follows: the taxi charge is payable by the passenger:

1000 as metre start tariff during the first cycle and BD. 1,250 files that will be available during the second timeframe. The price for each kilometre after the first KM is 200 miles during the first season and increases to 250 miles during the second season. There are BD 0,050 files for each minutes of wait during both cycles.

500 files for each person over five persons (applies to registered vehicles). 2000 to the counter value of the car if the taxi used originates from the people at Bahrain Airport wait. 1000 to the car counter to determine whether the taxi used is one of those awaiting you at the airport. Rates for the second season are valid on public holidays and weekends.

Hijiri, 1,000 on car readings during the holiday season. A supplement not exceeding BD 2,000 may be added to the car counter to use the services of the licenced telecommunications switches. In case the customer wants to use the taxi for a longer time, the amount of BD.

Initial cycle - the cycle that starts after 6:00 am and ends at 10:00 pm. 2nd cycle - refers to the cycle that starts after 22.00 hrs until 18.00 hrs in the mornings.

Cab rates and tips in Manama Bahrain

Taxi services can be conveniently accessed along the roads in Bahrain and are a convenient way to explore the town. Offical cabs are characterized by their orange-white or orange-golden color. They can take a taxi from taxi stands in front of big shops or large hotel. Taxi services can also be used in front of the main area.

Taxi services are available at all hours from the basement terminals at a surcharge of BD1. In Bahrain, the use of counters is obligatory. In Bahrain, all cabs must have a counter and special fares. In case the rider will refuse to turn on the counter, or if the taximeter is hidden, damaged or not turned on, just get out of the rider's cabin and call another one.

Though it is the rule here that a taxi drives with one counter, several riders get off by not talking at all about the counter and eventually calculate an extra-ordinary tax at the end of the ride. If you can find a taxi with a metre, here is the information about the prices you should know:

BD1 is the starting point for taxi fares. There may be a 1-hour taxi wait fee during regular fare times in the BD3 area. You will need 00 if you rent a taxi at the taxi stand at the taxi stand or at the taxi station at the taxi station. If a taxi is called by the waiters at Bahrain International Airports, BD2.

Add 00 to the car count. If a taxi is called by the waiters at Hotelplatz, BD1. Add 00 to the car count. During the Hijri holiday season, 000 is added to the price of the car counter. You can add 00 to the car counter value to use the services of the licenced telecommunications switches.

BD25 is if you want to use the taxi for a longer time. Customers are obliged to reimburse the taxi fares as they appear on the registration form. Collective taxis: In addition to the normal taxi, there are also several collective taxi services on the streets. Collective taxi services also have several collection points.

Tariffs differ according to destinations, but are lower than for standard cabs. Radios taxis: Speedy Motor Service radios are in operation around the clock. Your taxi will be waiting for you. Tariffs are higher than those for ordinary taxi, are measured, but 10 percent of the usual tip is mandatory. Simple taxi: It is the latest market launch in Bahrain, which is currently in the alpha phase.

Helping clients rent cabs from their smartphone, this premier taxi reservation application increases the effectiveness and pace of taxi rental in Bahrain. Every taxi should use a mile. It'?d always be better to use public cabs. When your taxi rider is refusing to turn on the counter, it is better to switch on another one that uses a counter.

Otherwise, call the complaints number or call the cops, as there is a general policy that if the counter is not turned on, there will be no charges. But if a taxi is sincere enough to set up the counter, a 10% tip would be a good option. If you get on a taxi in Bahrain that doesn't run one metre, it's better to talk about the pay before you get on the taxi.

In order to be on the safe side, you should always make sure that the rider turns on the instrument before you begin your trip. If you are traveling from the international airports, always use the London styled whites with reds or taxiways. Be sure to turn on the power to the instrument. For more convenient advance bookings, call one of the taxi operators below.

A taxi will take 15 to 20 min. to arrive if it is a pre-booked taxi. Bahrain has several taxi businesses, some of which are also private property, most of which are popular: The Speedy Motors (SMS Taxi Counter Taxi Radio) is the oldest and most beloved counter taxi operator in the Kingdom and the most dependable.

Taxis can be pre-ordered because they are in use around the clock, 365 a year. The Bahrain limousine: It is the recently formed Radio Meter Taxi Co. in Bahrain and is the affiliate of the transportation group âSaudi Bahraini Transfer Co. (SBATCO)â, which provides luxury coach and limousine transportation via the King Fahad Causeway.

A Bahrain Taxi Online: â " With this 10 minute taxi order form you can order a measured taxi within 10 minute at Saudia Bahraini Taxi Company: (Tel: +(973 17252959 / +973 1732 1218) â" This was one of the first luxury car operators in the Middle East and quickly became the dominating provider in the sedan market providing top level services at reasonable prices.

It is the only specialist limo transportation company in Bahrain and the east Saudi-Arabia. â " leaders in limo servicing with deluxe automobiles, SUVs, MPVs, coaches etc. providing servicing to large business customers, tour operators and hotel operators in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Arab taxi: Also known as London Taxi, is available in open and closed car parks which include business parks, hotel and airport facilities.

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