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Submit a Taxi Complaint - City Minneapolis Do you have a taxi driving or business issue in Minneapolis or do you know of a taxi driving illegal? Please use the links below to notify the Minneapolis Taxi Inspector of the issue and a Minneapolis Taxi Inspector will take care of your compliance if the Minneapolis City Taxi Operator or Drivers are registered. In case you were collected outside Minneapolis (airport, Saint Paul, suburbs,), please directly call the taxi inspector of this town. The Minneapolis taxi inspectors cannot examine your concerns if your journey has not started in Minneapolis. Contacting the town where the cab came to pick you up.

In order to denounce a taxi offence, you must give as much information as possible about the offence.

The taxi name, vehicle number, date and hour of travel and chauffeur ID number are all useful. We kindly ask you to be fully informed of the infringement. Please note that you can make reference to the declaration of the taxi driver's rights. If a taxi inspector has a question about your complaints, your phone number is very useful.

Certain issues, such as loss of your belongings, can be solved more quickly by going directly to the Taxi Service Company.

29 June: Cabmen who bypass the Minneapolis area.

Minnesota Polis swears to take legal actions against taxi riders who look for the best passenger, in some cases they refuse to charge tickets to persons who make a quick trip, want to make a payment by means of a debitcard, or are not. This town has pledged deeds. "I' m terribly worried about the short-term rejection at Bar Eile because the riders are obviously pulling cherries and looking forward to a long-term perspective," said Grant Wilson, who heads the city's commercial license.

It sent out two low-cover agents at the Thursday evening final hour of the bars as part of its regular inspection. Seven infringements of the rules for taxi riders were found: one for congestion, one for refusing a ticket and five for problems with payment cards. Mr Yemane Mebrahtu, Speaker of the Minneapolis Taxicab Driver and Owners Association, said that all riders are educated and obliged to carry all passenger, but he said that some riders do not obey these rules because it means they will make less moneys.

They regulate almost every facet of taxi operation, from clothing to the need to take road-charts. Riders must agree to allow all those who are willing to travel at the statutory fare, regardless of their final destinations within the town. You must take your card and not advertise for a passenger.

There were 290 taxi incidents in 2012 and 2013, but the record does not show who was to blame. "Colored men were denied a drive to pick up a pair of whites down the block," Wilson said. Whilst formal complaint accounts for a small proportion of taxi journeys each year, the issue of the taxi system's overall standard is being discussed in towns across the nation as emerging car pools such as Lyft and UberX come onto the shelves.

This service is suitable for anyone who needs a trip with a passenger who has a vehicle. Taxi manufacturers say that a City Hall suggestion to legalise these businesses will create an unequal playground by allowing them to calculate sky-high charges with little supervision. Already before the additional contest the taxi drivers had it more difficult to get a ticket in Minneapolis.

In 2006, the town raised an upper limit for the number of licences, increasing the number of cars from 373 in 2007 to 854 today. "Considering the number of taxi trips in the town, the number of appeals is quite low," said Cape O'Rourke, a taxi advocate working on taxiing.

and is investigating every one of them. Once its inspection officials determine that the claim is admissible, the municipality will send an infringement notice to the chauffeur. A man complaining in town, David Dominguez, said he had been virtually abducted by a taxi rider who refused to pay by car.

The Dominguez lodged a protest with the town. Mr Wilson said that the municipality was not able to take measures against the chauffeur because Dominguez could not ID the taxi operator or the taxi number. When the shoal of shoppers came to Minneapolis a Friday evening a week ago on the street, taxi cabs appeared. To find one near Seventh and Hennepin.

A taxi drove over and asked where the journalist was going. Rider said someone already paid him $40 to go to Burnsville. Less than an hours later, journalists making a 1.5-mile journey were rejected 17 x by taxiers. Going down the bloc, on the sixth and Hennepin, a journalist watched two young dark ladies and a man trying to call a taxi.

A few moments later a rider let them into his truck, but asked them to prepay him $20 before taking them to 1800 S. Washington, a 2-mile drive. Another two riders, one of them a Skybird rider, said they could take the journalist, but as the ladies and their boyfriend drew near, they left.

One of Skybird affiliates, Bari Niaz, chairman of Checker Cab, said it was against corporate policies to deny a trip. Said he couldn't talk about why the rider declined to take the wives with him, but said the riders sometimes didn't seem secure. A rider eventually took the group, but he launched his counter at nearly $15, instead of the necessary $2.50.

Mr Mebrahtu said it was not fair that Uber and Lyft could raise their fares during peak hours, while taxi drivers would have to adhere to the city's tariff plan. The Lyft and UberX, which are currently illegal operators in Minneapolis, are aiming for specific rules in town hall that differ from those that taxi drivers must comply with.

In order to attract the taxi sector, the authorities are considering changes aimed at relaxing the regulation of their taxi operators. This latest suggestion, published on Friday, would allow businesses to use older taxis, not impose demands on a physically dispersed dispatcher and adopt Wisconsin -licensed operators. There would be some new driving instructions, such as making sure that the ticket price is always displayed and decommissioning due to non-acceptance of payment methods.

Municipal Council's Governing Board can decide on the new regulations on 8 July.

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