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Taxicab licence Great Britain

Taxicab licencing Licenses are granted for the Hackney carrier and personal rental cars, chauffeurs and car owners. Permission is granted to individual persons to run and run taxi and privately rented cars. To a large and increasing number of older and handicapped persons, cabs are an inestimable means of door-to-door transportation. Instructions on how to file a claim about a taxi or business owner.

On 21 April 2009, a Regulation and Appeal Board met to agree to establish a platform to address licence issues.


The Nottingham City Council licences Hackney Carriage and Hire cars and drives working within the city limits. As an alternative, a DBS Operator may request a DBS Cheque each year by filling out and filing the DBS Application Card and Proofs with the Admissions Office at £44.00. The DBS-Formulars are available through the Licensing Office.

Kindly be aware that the DBS request forms, together with the supportive means of identifying the applicant, must be personally handed in to the licensing authority. Nottingham City Council is the data controller and we are in charge of collecting and handling your personally identifiable information. Data provided by you will be used mainly in relation to the management of taxi fees or in pursuit of other justified interests of the Council.

However, your personally identifiable information may be used by other Council departments, as appropriate, to assist in the delivery of any service relating to all Council activity, in particular (but not restricted to) performance and Council taxes, to check the correctness of the information, building, environmental performance and nursing facilities. For a complete listing of the information we monitor and use, and for what purpose we use it, see the Council's annual privacy notices submitted to the Information Commissioner.

Any information gathered will be handled and stored in a secure manner in accordance with the provisions of the 1998 Act on Privacy and Electronic Communications. More information about privacy and how the Council uses and discloses information.

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