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The best routes SriLankan Airlines flies are Finnair (Oneworld) Japan Airlines (Oneworld): Lankan Airways Hand Luggage - Sri Lanka Forum Does anyone know how severe Sri Lankan Airways is about the cabin sizes? On their website there is a fairly small maximal dimension of 46x36x20 cm, 7KG. I have a 48x39x24cm handbag. I have never had a trouble with other long-haul carriers I have been flying, but generally the permitted sizes are much more generous than those of Sri Lanka.

When Sandya and I were flying with them, we always had a MUCH larger height, without any problem. Weight checks on carry-on baggage are also uncommon, but can be stringent for hold baggage. Everything good about how strictly airline companies handle carry-on baggage seems to be dependent on the check-in and boarding agent on that particular date.

The majority of airline companies have a framework for checking the cabin baggage number. Otherwise, it's just the check-in and boarding staff's job. I have 52x36x20 cm carry-on. According to the check-in personnel, it may or may not be. It' always wise to follow the book. In my personal testimony, some of the check-in employees - the ladies - can be very hard with carry-on baggage.

Weighing my carry-on baggage, despite the fact that we took over 70% of our free baggage as clothing for an orphanage and a children's home for the handicapped, they still demanded a 5 kg deductible. You are now a hypocrite because you still allow someone with more carry-on baggage than you specify on the website.

When I showed the SLA managers (at Heathrow) that practically all the gear was children's clothing and playthings, he said, and I don't cite " I don't care". Employees may also delete postings that do not comply with our policies, and we retain the right to delete any submission for any reason. However, we will not delete any postings.

All we wanted to do was make a low cost booking with Sri Lankan Airlines, but now that we are reading that they might be tough with these carry-on baggage regulations, we will not do it. Well, I think the policy on your carry-on is pathetic! No one has that small a carry-on.

So we tried to find such a small carry-on, but found only the small ones for small kids. The majority of (all?) airline companies are strictly limited to carry-on baggage. The BA practically ignored the handbag dimensions, as long as you didn't have more than 2 objects, you just wanted to put an approved handbag sticker on it.

When checking in at Columbo there was the usual metallic framework to inspect your baggage for conformity, but nobody used it.

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