Taxi License Application

Taxicab license application

Requests must be completed in full before processing. Applications for licences to operate a taxi or rental company. Homepage - Document; Taxi operating license application. The licence application fees of the owner are not calculated pro rata.

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Taxi cab license | Grants Pass, OR

Running a taxi or sedan in the town without first obtaining an owner's license or without assigning an existent license is illegal. A request for an owner's licence or a request for the assignment of a licence to a new owner shall be addressed in written form to the Administrative Services Department and reviewed under penalty of perjury and shall be photographed by the Finance Department at the moment of the request.

A $200 application charge must be attached to an application for a taxi owner's license. A $100 application charge must be attached to an application for a license for a sedan occupant. The licence application royalties of the proprietor are not calculated pro rata. A registration of ownership does not act as an application for a driving licence.

To allow a taxi or sedan owner to operate a taxi or sedan vehicle in the town without a proper and up-to-date driver's license is illegal. Passengers may not carry a citizen for cash, as a taxi or sedan without first obtaining a driving licence that is up to date and in force.

Driving licence applications must be submitted in written form to the Administrative Services Department and examined under penalty of perjury, together with an application charge of $50. The application charges for the driving licence are not calculated proportionately.

Taxicab Operator Permit - DCA

With effect from that date, authorisations shall lapse on the date indicated on the authorisation, although there is a 30-day transitional limit during which an authorisation may be extended without undergoing the geographical examination.

Candidates will be treated according to the first-come, first-served principle. You must print both documents (click to download) before submitting them to the approval authority: On the last page of the STA Tax Operator's Document, you will find a listing of the identity documents that must be submitted to the Taxicab Licensing Bureau along with your filled in documents.

Reagan Ronald National Airport Taxi Operator's Permit Applicants, from October 14, 2013, are obliged to fill out a Security Threat Assessment (STA) in supplement to the normal Taxi Operators Permit Application Form. Fill out both the Taxi Operator Approval and the STA Approval Request Sheets ( below links) and take the request to the Taxicab Approval Office.

Taxicab will handle the 300 pending requests in order of receipt only to the extent necessary to limit the number of licences to 1,500. When a person has filed a pending application and wants to cancel his or her application, the authority reimburses all application charges that have been incurred by the application.

Requests should be made to the Taxicab Permit Office at 703-417-0981.

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