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Departures to Sri Lanka (CMB) Prolong your journey with a brief stop in Doha, unwind in vacation fashion with a brief stop before arriving in Sri Lanka. Make a quiet journey to a Sri Lanka vacation. Lean back and unwind on your journey to the charming isle. Experience our excellent services and comfort when you fly with us and our partners.

Departures to Sri Lanka are everyday and depend on the length of your stop. Choosing the best route for you is simple, with a variety of departures and different stopovers. Select how you would like to get to Sri Lanka. From London Gatwick (LGW) or London Heathrow (LHR), fly to Bandaranaike International ( CMB ) with one stop.

Choose the booth that suits you, regardless of your budgets, tastes or styles, and go economic (World Traveller), Premier Economic (World Traveller Plus), Commercial (Club World) or First. What is the best timing to fly to Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka is a tropic heaven with an annual mean of 27°C and a year-round goal.

Climates vary from coastline to coastline, so you should explore different areas at different periods of the year. It is not important when you plan your vacation that there are two different periods of monsun - and they are different places at different hours. The best travel season if you plan to remain on the western and southern shores is between December and March.

Sun lovers can enjoy the warmth of the Sri Lankan coastline with maximum temperatures of 40°C. Sri Lanka's sandy and flat shores make you sweat and wet, every time. Meanwhile, a Sri Lanka main early breakfast trip to the summits at dawn will be cooler - so be wise to package for your vacationers.

In order to find our best deals on Sri Lanka use our best rate search. What is the duration of the London to Sri Lanka trip? From London to Sri Lanka the quickest trip is 14 hrs with a stop. From London Gatwick (LGW) or London Heathrow (LHR) you can fly to Bandaranaike International airport (CMB).

Select from a wide range of everyday departures with different departures and stopovers. Where can I get to my destination from International Airport? Bandaranaike International Airports (CMB) is only 22 nautical miles away from the center of town. Start your vacation right by reserving your flight to your Sri Lanka hotels before your trip.

You have the option to include a shuttles or home-to-house transfers once you have scheduled your flights or holidays to Sri Lanka. The rental also gives you the liberty to take a journey around the islands and remain in more than one place if you wish. Will I need a visum to visit Sri Lanka?

When traveling with a UK pass, you will need a Sri Lanka entry visas. While it is possible to get a tourism permit upon your arrival in Sri Lanka, it is better to get one before you go on a trip to make the most of your vacation experience. Stay moist during the ride.

Prevent Jetlag by making a fast start on your new timezone. Sarajevo is four hour and 30 minute ahead of GMT. Keep in mind to extend your knees during the ride and during the stop. When you have enough spare manpower, you can stop off at the station and take a walk across the city.

The Sri Lanka Tricks and Advice will make you feel like a native in no time at all. Gratuities are common in Sri Lanka. A tip is welcome if you enjoy excellent customer care at all times during your itinerary. Explore the marvels of Sri Lanka. Dive into a culture centre and see a temple - such as Aluvihara Rock Cave Temple and Dambulla Rock Temple and Golden Temple.

Come and see a local fair and meet the local people. Sri Lanka's climate is warm and wet all year round, with pronounced rain and drought periods all over the isle. When planning your trip, consider the two complicated months of the monsun. Southwest Sri Lanka is affected by the Yala MONSUN between May and August, with a drought between December and March.

Even though the mean annual temp. is 27°C, it is well known that altitudes above 40°C and depths below 9°C have fallen.

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