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The worst service there is for taxis! Should they send El Caro late, with people, and they throw you the phone when you call to ask why the taxi this afternoon! What does a taxi cost in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil? Simply enter your start and destination and let us calculate your taxi rate for Salvador (Bahia). Look for other taxis in Freeport on YP.


Tariffs for taxis from Salvador Airport - Salvador Forum

From Salvador International to Historic Quarter: 00 about $50 Australian for a taxi from Salvador International to Historic Quarter. This was an officially issued taxi taken from the taxi stand at the terminal. Is it a Comtas cabin (all whites with logo) or a normal blue-red-striped cabin? I don't know how it works, but otherwise you got robbed.

DO NOT ever take a firm ticket from a normal taxi, unless you are going somewhere really far (out of town) and have contacted someone at a reasonable cost. Three of us have set up a chauffeur from the Vitoria resort to the Vitoria airports = 130 reach. Lucas, I just used the taxi machine from the airfield to my Barra posada.

My cousada also provides an R$100 shuttle to the city. At an additional R$16 it is rewarding for me not to have to drive a taxi. Maybe I'd consider a taxi for 38 R$ more to conserve that amount. Even the rides from the airports got caught at flag 2 (I just found that out), so consider this one.

Think I' m going with the R$100 airfield shuttle of the pusada, it seems to be a reasonable rate and I don't have to long as they show up! Tracking air fare to the airfield, I can't beat you. I ordered a taxi from my positada today to go to the international train station.

Real 90 was a real 90. Well, I opted for a toll cab. When the taxi got here, the chauffeur pointed to the counter that had already read R17. Fifty to the nearest aerodrome. From Salvador my plane was very early in the carnival on 28 February (so no busses nearby).

So I decided to take a taxi - R$80 from Pelourinho. When I arrived in Salvador, I took the Aeroporto 002 coach (red bus) from the Pelourinho International Airports to the Pelourinho station, a few blocks from Praca de Sa (where my accommodation was).

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