How to get Mini Cab License

This is how you get the Mini Cabin License

If you have a license to operate a private rental vehicle (mini-cab), your vehicle will be tested. The difference between a private vehicle and a Hackney Carriage is that it cannot be hired by road or in taxi locations. A copy of the form can be requested to apply for a license to operate private rental vehicles using our online form.


Informations about licenses for renting taxis, mini cabs or cars. Date of test and information on fee and charge. The license of a privately owned lessor is necessary for a single individual to be able to accept or load reservations for privately owned rental cars. Mini and Mini Cab License Testing. Fee information for taxilicification.

Taxi/Mini cabin - Rental car driving license

The difference between a Hackney Carriage and a privately owned car is that it cannot be hired by road or taxis. A copy of the registration can be requested in order to obtain a license to drive personal rental vehicles using our on-line registration forms. Failure to book a personal car in advance is a violation and will invalidate the vehicle's coverage.

Rates for privately rented vehicles are not governed by the Council - travel costs are usually calculated per kilometre or should be arranged with the business before travel. Privately rented vehicles that have been licenced by us must have our officially approved sign on the back and a smaller inside sign.

Privately owned riders must also carry a photo ID card from us. To file a claim about a cab rider within the town, fill out our on-line claimaire.

Rental car for individuals (Minicab) - North Kesteven county council

Rental vehicles are of two types: Hackney Carriages (Taxis) and Hire Vehicles. Between the two there are important differences: Hackney Carriages can transport a passenger who has greeted them on the road or from an authorized tier. You can also book a taxi in advance. Every taxi must be approved by the Council.

It is not permitted to stop privately rented cars on the road or at taxis and they must be reserved in advance. The Council must also approve these cars. Driver of both kinds of rental cars must also be licenced. Approvals must be granted by the same Council that approves the car.

As soon as a car is registered, EVERY chauffeur of that car, whether used for commercial or personal purposes, must hold a valid rental license from this council. Three licences are needed to run a privately rented car. Every car must have a personal rental driving license and every rider of these registered cars must have a rental driving license.

Furthermore, all individuals operating a privately owned rental shop, as well as self-employed chauffeurs, must be in possession of a license for privately owned rental companies. Rates for privately rented vehicles are not governed by the Council - travel costs are usually calculated per kilometre or should be arranged with the operator prior to travel.

Privately hired vehicles licenced by the Council shall bear the reverse side registration number of the privately hired vehicles and a smaller inner registration number. Rental riders must also carry an identity card from the Council containing their photo. There is no restriction on the number of car rental licenses, but before we consider an offer, we need to be sure:

In terms of model, dimensions and styling, your automobile is suited for use as a personal automobile. Registered cabs have a conformity test twice a year, which examines the overall state of the interior and exterior of the vessel. Insurance for your rental cars and rewards. You have a truck that is designed or modified to accommodate no more than 8 people.

Whereas the Council has adopted a Directive on taxis; whereas proposers should be acquainted with that Directive before submitting a request This directive contains detail on the approval procedure and the type of vehicle we will be accepting. Every request for a license shall be examined by an authorized signatory within the limits of the authority conferred by the Council.

Officials shall be entitled to issue licenses if the car meets the initial qualification requirements. Where the official has doubts about the request, it shall be determined at a subcommittee on general authorisations composed of three members of the Council who shall be chosen.

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