How can I Apply for Pco Licence

Can I apply for a Pco license?

I received an e-mail today: Turn documents into beautiful publications and share them worldwide. Driving Licence Rental - Driving Licence Western Lothian Council The West Lothian Council runs a system of licences for personal rental drivers. Owners of a personal rental vehicle licence are entitled to use only one personal rental vehicle. The system is managed by the Council's licence team. They are able to give general information about the system, but cannot help you fill out your request or give counsel on whether a license is needed.

If you are not sure whether you need a license, you should consult a lawyer or a counseling center. Can I apply for a personal rental driving licence? To apply for a license or to extend an current license, you must file an applicant request together with the necessary documentation and fees, see the instructions in the appendix of the applicant request document for further information.

Claim documents accompanied by guides can be downloaded in the Related Documents section. Please be sure to thoroughly review the guidelines before filling out your job applications. You can also find a full fee schedule and a notice of the terms and condition of the rental licenses that can be downloaded in the Related Documents section.

Does the job interview require a topographic examination (knowledge)? It is not necessary for candidates who wish to obtain a personal rental driving licence to take the topographic test. Do I need a doctor during the recruitment procedure? Or if you are 45 years of age or older, if you are applying for a personal rental driving licence, you will be directed to the Council designated healthcare professional who will evaluate your level of Fitness against Group 2 norms.

You should check with your family doctor before making an application if you are not sure if and how this would impact you. Should you believe that you may be eligible for waiver of assistance to disabled persons due to your handicap, you should consult the licensing team who will ensure that you are screened by the Council designated health adviser who will seek information from your family physician about your health state.

Is my job interview going to be subjected to a right to labour inspection? The licensing team will contact you once your request has been reviewed by Police Scotland to inform you of the processing of your request. Policy Scotland has 28 working day to reply to your request. After a necessary right to labour inspection or health care, requests that do not give rise to unfavourable comments/objections shall be approved by the Chief Prosecutor within the limits of the conferred authority.

Unless you have the right to work in the UK, your request cannot be further dealt with. When you need a doctor and are not considered suitable by the Council's health advisers, your request must be rejected by the Chief Advocate using her conferred authority. After one year from the rejection, or earlier if your circumstance substantially changes, you may apply for another license.

Requests for any other form of negative opinion or objection must be submitted to the Approval Committee for decision. We will inform you when your request is forwarded to the Licensing Committee. There are nine month to complete your test, but most tests are completed within 60 workdays.

We will contact you as soon as your license is issued to arrange for you to pick up the license and ID-Badge and sign your terms. Before you can gather and sign the documents, you must provide proof of your identification. Grievances about personal rental cars can be directed to the license team.

Appeals can only be examined if they are submitted in the necessary form. Requests submitted in written form, either by mail or e-mail, will be forwarded to the Taxi Examination Centre (TEC) for examination. When your claim concerns an alleged criminal offense by the licensee, you must first notify the Scottish Highway Patrol by phoning or participating in a policing facility.

If you have a criminal record number, you should report your complaints to the licensing team and provide the criminal record number.

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