Best way to buy Airline Tickets

The best way to buy airline tickets

Experienced travelers know that the best way to save money on airline tickets is at least three months in advance compared to shopping. To earn free travel, the fastest way is to use a travel rewards credit card. This way you can identify a sale when it appears. Your flight departure day is much more important: Some may have cheap one-way flights, but exorbitant return flights.

Tips for insiders at the best times for buying airline tickets

Today, reserving your trips is as easy as never before. Given so many choices and so much information at your disposal, it should be easy to know when to make the least expensive reservations. With so many different philosophies and views about the best timing for buying airline tickets, however, this can be very bewildering.

While some say that the least expensive are Tuesdays, others say that Sunday is much less expensive. A number of places are very seasonal, and the price of airline tickets depends heavily on which period of the year you wish to visit. Travelstart offers you some practical hints and hints at the best times to buy your tickets on the basis of our research and experiences.

Abuja is the most frequented destination for businessmen, while Lagos is the most frequented destination for Abuja: When traveling for recreational purposes, it is better to await to make your reservation in the afternoons. March, September and October are usually the best flying dates, slightly outside the high season (except during the Easter weekend).

Find out about our latest home flying offers and let your locals begin their adventure! Whilst many say that the best period to buy air tickets is midweek, this is not necessarily the case for Nigerians. Tuesdays and wednesdays are the most costly dates to make a reservation for your own home trip. You should also try to prevent bookings being made immediately before bank holiday or holiday.

April, May, November and December are the most costly month for trips. Airline companies have a tendency to raise their fares just before prime time, so you may want to make an early booking for this Dubai itinerary. Pay attention to your own event, e.g. a flight to Lagos just before the Eyo Festival or to Calabar just before the Calabar Carnival can be more costly.

If you are a Nigerian looking to make your perfect Paris or Vancouver booking, you will be pleased to know that Saturdays are usually the best time to buy your flight tickets. Dependent on your travel destinations, the best month for flights from Nigeria is January, March and October. Passengers wishing to travel to Nigeria during the Christmas period should make their reservations at least five month in advance. Please note that the flight time may vary.

Try to abstain from buying tickets on Thursdays and Fridays as these are the most costly dates for buying tickets for foreign flights. On a Thursday, you can count on having to spend around 10% more on your tickets than if you booked over the week-end. Do not travel abroad during the month of April, May, July and December as you are more likely to spend more on airline tickets.

So watch out for world-famous festival and event attractions that attract a lot of people and don't make your reservations during these peaks. Check out our latest range of intercontinental departures with exciting options for exploring and discovering more. Whilst last-minute reservations do not ensure the best value for money, it is advisable not to reserve your tickets too long in advance. However, you can also make your reservations at the airport at any time.

Your Sweetspot for your reservation is the 6 week pre-departure time, as some carriers may offer last-minute discounts. If you book three to six month in advance, savings can be around 14%, but keep in mind that if the rate falls later or the airline makes a spontaneous fl ash sales a few working days before your departure, you won't be able to take full benefit of the cheaper rates.

When you try to modify your reservation, you will most likely charge penalties, which will ruin the whole point of your savings. So try to be agile and not make all bookings well in advance, just in case a last-minute sales occurs! When you fly back from the USA, Thanksgiving Day will bring you the lowest cost airline tickets, while Christmas Day and New Year's Eve will give you the lowest (and possibly best) cost airline seats!

And for those who take superstitions with a dash of brine, there are surprise offers for Friday 13 September outings. WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY and SUNDAY are usually the best flight times (do not book), so if you have some degree of freedom in your itinerary, why not try to make some savings?

Watch the Naira for a change in fuel prices when you buy your airfare. On the other hand, if the Naira crude rises, you may want to take your chance and get your tickets secured immediately. And now that you have the inside information about the best times to buy airline tickets, all you have to do is make your vacation reservation!

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