The Cheapest Airlines

Cheapest airlines

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14 cheapest airlines in North and South America

Everybody who likes to go travelling wants to get the best rates. North and South America have seen growth in low-cost airlines to meet this demand. We have a total of 14 airlines, from Canada to Colombia, that provide you with the best rates that your passenger will want. We are Canada's premier vacation carrier. Annually it transports about 3 million air travelers to almost 60 targets in 30 nations with its Boeing Narrowbody and Airbus wide-body family.

Airlines are positioned to become a provider with extremely low costs and corresponding tariffs. Monterrey, Mexico, is the headquarters of the low-cost operator. The Viva Aerobus has 115 day trips on 60 itineraries, among them in the United States. There are 21 Airbus A 320 planes in operation. Viva Aerobus, like other low-cost airlines, offer low rates and rates for luggage and seats.

Headquartered in Dallas, this airline is regarded as the grandfather of the low-cost airlines and began in 1971, when US airlines were still governed by the state. The southwest bypassed state regulations by operating intra-Texas services, mainly to Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. Today Southwest serves 101 US and eight US destination with more than 3,900 daily departures in high seasons, all with Boeing 737s.

He announces his low tariffs and two free pockets on these planes, the last of the old US airlines that did this. It is the first and only low-cost operator to perform surgery in Colombia. In 2012, the company commenced operations. Founded as a postgraduate student at Stanford University by William Shaw, the company wanted to establish a 100% low-cost air company in Colombia.

The airline has since developed a portfolio of 10 Airbus A 320 narrow-body aircraft operating 23 domestic services within Colombia and four intercontinental services to Panama, Quito, Lima and Miami. Clients have set themselves the task of purchasing the cheapest rates from Fort Lauderdale, a Florida-based low-cost provider.

Spirits operates 400 Airbus A319 and Airbus A320 aircraft per day to more than 59 US, Latin American and Caribbean destination airports with its proprietary basic Airbus A319 and Airbus A320 Tariffs. Air prices are low, but be ready to buy objects such as hold and check baggage, food/beverages, seating and Boarding Tickets.

Headquartered in Dorval, Canada, the low-cost recreational jet started operations in December 2012, with services scheduled to begin in July 2013. There are 44 Airbus A319, Airbus A320 and Boeing 767-300ER planes in its family. The Air Canada Rouge operates services within Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, the United States, Europe, South America, Central America, Africa and Asia and links with Air Canada from anywhere.

Situated in Las Vegas, this low-cost operator provides dirt-repellent rates from smaller and bigger towns to favorite vacation spots like Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and Phoenix. Allergiant levies a fee for everything from bag to check-in, but prices are still significantly lower than traditional providers. McDonnell Douglas MD-80er, Airbus A319er, A320er and Boeing 757er fly a combined family.

The passenger can only make a reservation via the website of the air company, which also sells other travel-related services such as rooms, car rentals and attractions. The Mexican low-cost Toluca carriers, called JetBlue of Mexico, began to fly in March 2005. She' s now serving 52 destinations: Mexico and 15 internationally, among them New York, Orlando, Miami, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

She does not over book her Airbus A320 and Sukhoi SuperJet100 aircraft fleets and provides a women's bath. The Denver-based company turned into an extremely cost-effective company after a new executive board took over in 2013. The company distinguishes itself from other low-cost airlines by advertising the slogan "Low Fare Done Right" for budget airlines and good value for money.

The airline serves 55 destinations in the United States, Mexico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic with a Airbus A320 and A3321 family. The Mexico City-based ultra-low-cost carriers started operations in March 2006. Serving 154 major Mexican and 26 major global destinations with a total of 63 Airbus A319, Airbus A320 und Airbus 321 jet fleets, it connects 40 Mexican and 26 foreign states.

It concentrates on those who want to meet and greet travellers, as well as those who want to travel with their families and businesses, and who need low prices. Flying aboard this Calgary, Alberta-based company, which was founded in 1996, are what they call the Southwest Airlines of Canada. Our company is characterized by low prices and kind after sales services. WestJet and its local operator WestJet Encore operate flights to more than 100 North American, Central American, Caribbean and European cities with a Boeing 737 and 767 jet population.

The Sao Paulo-based low-cost airline launched services between its head office and the Brazilian capitol Brasilia in January 2001. It has since operated 860 services a day to seven Latin America and the Dominican Republic with a Boeing 737 family. Airlines have different price structure for extra services according to the Smiles programme levels.

The Barueri, Brazil-based company, which originated from the idea of JetBlue founding father David Neeleman, began operating in December 2008. It has since flown to more than 100 routes, among them Miami and Orlando with a Airbus A320, A330, Embraer E190 and 195 Airbus A320, Embraer E190 and ATR 72-600 turbo-props.

Today the company is the third biggest Brazilian air company after GOL and TAM.

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