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Air Charter Priority

The Priority Air Charter is an independent private company for passenger flights and cargo transportation. Anyone have any information about Priority Air Charter. Plane charter in Kidron, OH. Receive instructions, ratings and information for Priority Air Charter in Kidron, OH. LLC Flight Status (with trace and live tickets) -- displays all flights or tracks each Priority Air Charter, LLC flight.

Air Charter Priority

Anyone have any information about Priority Air Charter. All information would be very welcome! It' s been a few years since they sent for me for an interviewer, so I don't remember the payment. Since I worked there in 2005, my information is quite outdated, but I will share it anyway..... Most of the caravans have been reconstructed, but they are very well equiped and well serviced.

They' re caravan guerrillas and I never had the feeling that one of the planes was unsafe - I can't say enough good things about the plane and the upkeep. You' re supposed to work harder (or at least I did when the flight of car parts was abundant - not sure what they fly around these days). Staying on the streets for a long time was seldom, usually only a 14-hour 135 days and then a Part 91 home repos, so the dates were sometimes very long.

Older guys/management tend to do more flying during the day and travel short distances, while younger boys get the all-nighters and epic long journeys. Sunday is/was almost always a tough free Sunday (the owner is quite religious) with the rare exceptions of very rare changes from somewhere early on a Sunday morning after a journey that went into Sat Nights later.

Payment was quite good, as I recall (I did more than above and I only worked there for 8 months) but I don't recollect how it was computed. Practice was done on the planes and was quite thorough. I was flying with a great lot of boys I'm still friendly with even though all of them have changed job.

Short-term respectable companionship and payment; good servicing; zero quality of service; good record for a young, stand-alone, low-maintenance pilots willing to work harder and make his contributions. Thank you for the information!

Air Charter Priority

Recently I was applying for a PIC job that flies both in the Caravan and in the PC-12! cargo and passenger on call, asking myself if anyone had much information about general working terms, payment, etc. I was looking for a PIC job that would allow me to work in a caravan and in a PC-12! cargo and passenger on call. Spoken with the aviator quite routine, seemed to be on par with all the different 135 transportation cargo escapes that fly caravan that profitable wisely (30ish, not incl. feex advancements).

Her name has the term charter in it, so... it seemed like they mostly went tooif. I was touring with several of her boys when we were doing ad hoc work. The only thing I recall is that they had a very nice set up for storing cards in their Pilatipus, which made me a little bit envious. He seemed to be sponsored by the institution (not 100% doomed), but he had a building at the different end of his locomotion.

If you end a journey at 0500 after working a 16+ hour Tuesday, rush home to try to get some rest when the dawn comes, because in 10 hours you'll be out again, so hopefully by 1500 on the same morning you'll be sufficiently refreshed to run the IMC for another 16+ hour Tuesday to Thursday work.

To work here was the most horrible thing of my lifetime and I wish I could say the horror of working for this firm and working in the horrible city of Wooster, OH. I' m no longer working for the business, I' m on the right track. He did the right part of the timetable was hard, but when I went they made some changes that would make him more pilotsafe.

They' gonna work you real good, you're gonna do a lot of rough singles fly. Timetable has made things difficult for sleeping, but you get used to it. After a long workday, the difficult part is to come home and then go to bed in the mid afternoons and then go out again for a long one.

When you were done, you had to get some rest. Then when you get phoned back to go flying, you say that you are sleepy because you have not slept. A few problematic drivers had gotten used to this, they told the folks that they went and did things after work instead of getting a good night's rest and then complained that they were weary.

If it' s about leaving your job, all you have to do is give them 2 week (after your 1 year workout expires, they go after your guys for that). You know that they are just a springboard and not a careers business for most individuals. It has a close connection to the two proprietors and the HR department and I think he is often the cause that flyers sense warmth from them.

Often the owner hears things from him that are not the whole thing, and they go with it. Concerning the owner, they are good humans and I have nothing wrong to say about them. You' re taking very good look at the group. By offering flyers a share of the profits when the airline reaches certain destinations for one full year.

Must say about the firm, I think even he can concur that you won't find better gear in the 135 millorld, especially from a small business like yours. So why on earth should someone go to a 208 car rier who pays low and needs a trainee in today's pilots markets?: That's a good ask Iol.

It' s a shit with the apprenticeship agreement, although I can see why a business would take such a place. You' re not the only firm out there with apprenticeship agreements. Even though I didn't really take much notice of the timetable or the DO, I really loved to fly. Equipped solidly, the field was good (single pilots, overnight, IMC, turbines ) and the business as a whole was good to work with.

Timetable was terrible, which is the primary cause that I didn't take the gig, so I figure they have to be paying a little above the sector level to get folks to agree to such a timetable.

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