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About supports the objectives of the EU Social Law Pillar. Uber Partner App records latitude, longitude and a time stamp during the journey. Share our vision for the European labour agenda Every single day in Europe tens of millions of people are using Uber-Apps to work in a way that suits their lifes. Working independently with applications like Uber can be a mighty resource for generating business opportunities for individuals with different background and needs. That requires a political discussion on the need to adjust our welfare bodies.

Current debates on the European pillar of societal rights provide government, business, organised crime, organised crime, organised crime, organised crime, civil Society and employers and employees with a singular chance to come together to find ways forward for a better job tomorrow. Today I would like to endorse Uber's first open input to this discussion with the release of our White Paper on Work and social protection in Europe.

The fact that not every "flexible work" gives individuals genuine oversight, the often more disparate network of societal security, with which the self-employed are confronted. It is not our belief that the answer is to limit the way human beings decide to work or to force them into conventional ways of working.

Let us join together to upgrade the security net and our welfare facilities for an era in which individuals will be more fluent and diverse throughout their career. When I was working in Paris, I saw the opportunity for Uber to find a way out of the milieus, especially for those who are often left out of the mainstream labour force.

With 84 million unemployed or wanting to work more across Europe, new and adaptable ways of working could provide more possibilities. Chance and ?Everyone-?Everyone can find and preserve reliable jobs of good workmanship, safety, freedom from discriminatory practices and a good level of wellbeing.

Everyone provides a wide range of dependable and accessible measures for protecting the welfare of all. Some things Uber is already doing to help drive this dream, include real controls and agility and innovations to better serve the riders and messengers who use our applications to generate revenue. However, these problems go far beyond the time before and after the use of applications by independents and call for more comprehensive changes to policies.

That is why the White Paper shares our views on reform, encompassing more mobile benefit schemes, the removal of inappropriate professional licence obstacles, the modernisation of labour legislation and investment in life-long training. It is only the beginning of a debate that will hopefully help to provide our counterparts today with noticeable improvement and, in the future, long-term political responses for all employees.

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